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I was born on May 2nd 1987, in Montreal, Canada.

I grew up fierce and free with open-minded parents who fully supported my creativity. My nickname was "Pieds Noirs", which means black foot, as I was always barefoot playing in nature, drawing, dancing, or rehearsing a play. I was a total badass.

I developed my entrepreneurial and artistic sides.

By the age of 10, I was certain I'd become a fashion designer, and Vinvely was the name of my brand. I had started a social club, "Le Club Des Aigles Sauvages", meaning: The Club of the Wild Eagles. Oh, and yeah, I'd do things like selling wild flowers by the road. 

At 20 years old, I had never taken traveled and was super afraid of it. So, the first time I flew, I jumped out of it!

My then boyfriend surprised me with a skydiving adventure - "are you crazy?!", I was freaking out. I thought I would die, literally. Yet, 1.2 seconds after the jump, I felt so free and blissful. The fear transformed into love, excitement, confidence: I had overcame death. This knowing that I had to meet my fears to transform then shaped the rest of my life. My courageous heart awakened.

I studied Commerce, competed and worked hard to live the American Dream.

I didn't want to be a broke artist like my dad, and I was a born businesswoman, so, I went on to study Commerce. I overcame my fear of public speaking by doing academic competitions. I then became President of the Debate Club. I was a shark in a kitten suit. My ego loved it, and I was all in my masculine, achieving a lot, yet not feeling much. 

At 22, I founded my first startup, Goodify. I loved the infinite potential technology gave me to fix big problems and reach the entire world.

After selling my shares, I consulted for the world's largest companies. Then, I created Pink Kiwi, an interactive storytelling mobile app, followed by Olivia Bond, a lingerie line to empower women. I also helped start a modern meditation studio, and then moved to online learning to promote gender equality. It was wonderful in a way, but also imbalanced and full of emotional struggles. I was numb and disconnected. On a business trip to India, a man mentioned Vipassana. I loved the challenge of meditating for 10 days in silence. I signed up. I had my first "awakening". Something had changed... At 27, I left it all to find myself.

I then embarked on a self-discovery journey. I healed, grew, and tried every-thing.

I moved to California and explored he depths and highs of human life: plant medicine, psychedelics, polyamory, Tinder, festivals, etc. I broke free, I broke down, so I that I could break through. I now had to love myself, I couldn't outsource it to men anymore, which led me to living Bali. There, I embarked on deeper spiritual studies and training. Little awakenings leading me home, right here within myself. I developed practices and tools to become self-aware and embody the true meaning of self-love. As powerful as it was, I was then all in my feminine - I lacked structure and I wasn't grounded enough. It was time to balance myself again and embrace both sides of me: Aude and Olivia.

I came back home, integrating both my business and my spiritual selves, my masculine and feminine, balanced, and ready to serve you.

This portal you're now visiting is the embodiment of the merging of all my passions and life lessons. It's an honor to have you here and share the fruits of my creation. May it serve your own liberation in the most fun and meaningful way.

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