How to Detach From Your Ego & Play Big: You're Playing The Game of You

ego healing Apr 24, 2020
When you get this, your entire life will change:
Imagine that... who you are, your true self, your essence, your Soul,
...has nothing to do with your name, age, job, what you did or didn't do, what you look like, your body, relationships, gender, bank account, and so on.
None of that is YOU, ultimately.
Imagine that alllll of that is a reflection of your human experience, expressions of you, your planetary contributions, and that they define your identity, your sense of self, or most commonly known as your "ego".
Which, in itself, is valuable, to me the ego isn't the problem, it's the attachment to it that is problematic:
"I am nothing without that stuff", and "I am that stuff" - bc that stuff goes away, so that's a problem if you think you are that, you see?
Your ego is your "character's design", and it feels so so so "defined" and so crazy real but it can actually change a great deal, the moment...
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The Coronavirus is both a tragedy and your life's best opportunity to heal

balance healing Apr 08, 2020

There seems to be a trend with people critiquing others who see this tragedy as also an opportunity to uplift humanity, as if positivity was delusional and disconnected from the reality that yes many are dying and will die, businesses and old ways too.

I am generally very positive *and* also aware of those realities and numbers.

What many people don’t see is that it is _both_:

A very serious and devastating tragedy,


an opportunity to rest, reset, and build a world that actually meets our needs.

Indeed, we are at this ongoing global funeral and mourning a world that, actually, was killing us already.

It’s as if we have forgotten that we were praying for change, yet incapable of the smallest sacrifice.

We were constantly complaining about our jobs, our bodies, our relationships, not being present for each other, stuck on screens, begging for some rest when one day maybe hopefully we retire somewhere sunny. We were statically not happy.

Did we forget?

We had all of...

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