How to heal and balance your inner masculine and feminine

feminine masculine Apr 13, 2020

We all carry masculine and feminine energies. These core dynamics exist within ourselves, between people, and on a global scale. Historically, the wounded masculine has dominated our culture. Now, the divine feminine is rising in all beings, as we seek balance within and between all living beings. These essences exist beyond biological gender but gender still creates a tendency to embody one more than the other. Yet, a woman can be more masculine than another man and vice-versa. Nothing is black or white in this 3rd dimension.

They become imbalanced through cultural conditioning, trauma and what we absorb from parents, which we later repeat in our relationships through toxic, co-dependent relationships in which both partner’s wounds match each other; a subconscious deal that enables us to repeat our traumas. Ex.: A man who is insecure becomes overly controlling matches with a woman who has no sense of self-worth and boundaries lets herself be abused and controlled -or- a man...

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