How To Make Kale, Cardio, And Meditation Fun & Sexy

balance healthy lifestyle Apr 25, 2020

Ugh, it turns out, your parents were right: broccoli, and all its cruciferous buddies, are super good for you. The science behind that is strong.

On their own and raw, they're not so seductive. Bitter, tough, rough, like some guy I had met in a bar, I just wanted to shake him up a bit, you know, get the juices out.

Anyways. It always goes back to balance. If you want to make your parents happy, eat kale, and get your vitamin K, A, and all its other benefits, you gotta soften it.

Massage your kale like you'd massage a lover, it breaks the bitterness. Chop it finely so it's actually pleasant in your mouth and it's drenched with all the tastes you love.

Make a decadent vinaigrette with tahini, lemon juice, coconut sauce. Add crunchy nuts, buttery avocado, and dark berries.

There you go, your tastebuds are rejoicing and your mouth is so, so wet.

(enjoying that 😉?)

Or, my favorite brunch (I'll repeat it), buckwheat crepes with broccoli and melted cashew cheese. It's sweet (maple syrup), savory, salty, crunchy, melty, all of the qualities combined in one orgasmic bite.

Don't stuff broccoli or kale straight into your mouth - that'll activate some childhood trauma 😛, esp if your parents were health nuts like mine. You'll hate it and then won't eat it again.

You gotta hack your pleasure centers and then over time, you'll crave a kale salad or a mountain of broccoli, like this one.

That principle applies to everything...

Like, you hate cardio? Dance or have wild sex instead.

Do you hate meditating? Start laying down, with fun guided meditations, and self-pleasure while you're present and observing your body, sensations, and emotions.

ALL the Good stuff can feel GOOD, in fact, it has to for it to stick. And over time, you'll need a little less sugar, salt, and sex to make it all go down, lol...

Build bridges between unhealthy decadence and unexciting healthy stuff.

As my friend calls it, Responsible Hedonism is powerful. 


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