How to heal and balance your inner masculine and feminine

feminine masculine Apr 13, 2020

We all carry masculine and feminine energies. These core dynamics exist within ourselves, between people, and on a global scale. Historically, the wounded masculine has dominated our culture. Now, the divine feminine is rising in all beings, as we seek balance within and between all living beings. These essences exist beyond biological gender but gender still creates a tendency to embody one more than the other. Yet, a woman can be more masculine than another man and vice-versa. Nothing is black or white in this 3rd dimension.

They become imbalanced through cultural conditioning, trauma and what we absorb from parents, which we later repeat in our relationships through toxic, co-dependent relationships in which both partner’s wounds match each other; a subconscious deal that enables us to repeat our traumas. Ex.: A man who is insecure becomes overly controlling matches with a woman who has no sense of self-worth and boundaries lets herself be abused and controlled -or- a man who avoids his emotions and is in a relationship with a woman who is overly emotional. 

To step out of those cycles requires lots of courage, self-awareness, and continuous work. The following guidance applies to all. “Wounded” comes ego/fear, and “Natural/Divine” comes from love or your Higher Self. Healing those energies within us will create healthy relationships in couples and on a global scale.

How to heal your wounded masculine:

Practice assertiveness by trusting your internal compass and decision-making skills. Trust your gut, practice patience and persistence, even when doubts, natural insecurities, and ego chatter arise. Can you stand in your truth and remain centered throughout challenges? 

  • Practice observance of your emotions or someone else’s, holding space for all that is without judging, trying to fix or control it all. Feel, process, and observe without judgment. What are they telling you? 
  • What do you need to feel safe, emotionally, financially, physically? Create the conditions and environment for you to feel safe, and for others too.
  • See where you might be competing or trying to win over another. How can you be collaborative and supportive of others instead?
  • When you feel solely focused on outcome or results, take a moment to practice presence and appreciate the process, the journey. 
  • When you feel a contraction, a desire to run away, or withdraw from yourself or a relationship, sit, stay with it, open up and express your emotions. 
  • Where in your life can you bring more discipline and structure?
  • Be of service and celebrate your contributions with humility. 
  • Receive guidance and emotions without taking it all personally. Stay grounded in your knowing that you are whole and serving an important mission.

How to heal your wounded feminine:

  • Practice receiving and allowing blessings to come in, gracefully. When receiving a compliment, simply say “thank you”. When someone offers help, say “yes, please”. Feel grateful for all that you receive. If you wish to make more money, remember your worth and simply ask for it. Magnetize that which you wish to receive.
  • Take great care of yourself, nurture your body, home, and those around you who can receive with appreciation. Never sacrifice yourself.
  • Practice trust and surrender to all that is, feeling your emotions without indulging in them and getting stuck in stories or an over-reactive state. 
  • Be aware of where you might control or try to manipulate outcomes out of fear. Relax into that. Instead, create safety by expressing your needs and boundaries. By having your needs met, you won’t need to manipulate.
  • Take responsibility for your reality, you are not a victim, you are a creator.
  • Develop your sense of self-worth without seeking external validation.
  • From that place of self-confidence, practice vulnerability, opening up and being authentic as to how you feel. Soften in your feelings without letting them control you. They guide you, yet, you are not your feelings.
  • Embrace the flow of creation that seeks to move through you, receive the inspiration and trust your intuition. You are born to birth greatness.   

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