How to Detach From Your Ego & Play Big: You're Playing The Game of You

ego healing Apr 24, 2020
When you get this, your entire life will change:
Imagine that... who you are, your true self, your essence, your Soul,
...has nothing to do with your name, age, job, what you did or didn't do, what you look like, your body, relationships, gender, bank account, and so on.
None of that is YOU, ultimately.
Imagine that alllll of that is a reflection of your human experience, expressions of you, your planetary contributions, and that they define your identity, your sense of self, or most commonly known as your "ego".
Which, in itself, is valuable, to me the ego isn't the problem, it's the attachment to it that is problematic:
"I am nothing without that stuff", and "I am that stuff" - bc that stuff goes away, so that's a problem if you think you are that, you see?
Your ego is your "character's design", and it feels so so so "defined" and so crazy real but it can actually change a great deal, the moment you choose it.
In fact, to show to you that you are not those things, think about the fact that in a day, most of these things could change and/or be lost.
Are you still here if they disappear? If your money, job, car, home, status go away, if your body transforms, etc. are you still YOU who is experiencing it?
Yes, you are. Therefore, you are not those things. They're expressions of you, and experiences you're having.
Okay, good. We're making progress. :)
Now, imagine you are driving this flesh vessel (your body) for the time of your human incarnation.
You're given this body, this time, this opportunity to experience this planet with other souls incarnated (hey, hi!).
You arrived with a certain "deal", or in a defined situation, a location, with parents, DNA, traits, gifts, talents, challenges, etc.
You're playing the Game of "You".
Your soul is having an experience through your human body, and you're experiencing this supppeer hyper advanced game called "Life".
It goes by fast, then, GAME OVER.
Soon enough, you'll die. Like, for real.
And the game is to get to your death bed without a pile of regrets, but more so good stories and a sense of fulfillment.
A life well lived through diverse experiences, love, joy, bliss, service, and peace.
I'll go a step beyond saying that there's a clear reason for your incarnation and you were given a mission, or assignment,
...but let's start with the enjoyment and the relaxation of your ego, first and foremost.
Chances are that whatever you think is so serious and important really doesn't matter. Like, you'll never ever think about that when you're about to die.
For me, right now, my ego tends to overthink getting my branding being perfectly aligned and my design all super sleek but hey, Aude, reminder: it does not matter! You're doing an awesome job.
Play, try, dance, fail, succeed, do it again. That's why I do a lot of "wild" things, I know they don't define me and I enjoy trying things, I know they're all experiences.
Enjoy this human experience, live it fully, and give your best, without that unnecessary stress and imaginary attachments to those things that'll pass in a breath.
Don't breathe life into problems that are not important. You are not your work, bank account, posts, body, none of that. All of that will soon vanish.
They're just an expression of you, and you can have so much fun with it.
It doesn't mean that none of this matters and let's just do whatever, no, it means that if you're not those things, then you can transform those ego-driven fears into the courage you need to actually create what seeks to be created through you, and allow Source to be expressed through you.
It gives you the freedom and courage to actually master those realities of being incarnated, vs being frozen in the fear of being so attached and identified to them.
Then, you can embody the natural qualities of your essence / Soul / Source: abundance, love, and creativity.
Unlike Elon, I don't subscribe to the terminology: "simulation" to describe human life, simulating what? Reality?
Well, as of now, with those senses, this feels real. So as of now, this is my current reality (relative reality but as real as my awareness can process in this current perspective).
And "game" makes it sound shallow or silly, but it's still an analogy that can help us understand how we exist beyond the character we're embodied in.
The moment I felt that awareness and knew that I am not all that, that I exist beyond all that which will die, I was like:
"Okay, let's have some fun with Aude's avatar, this incarnation, this chance to experience human life in all its dimensions and fulfill my mission".
It's designed for you, with you. You are designing it right now. You can change it at any time too. :)
Next time you get up, try to feel and be aware of the observer that is hosted in your body, the one reading those words, the awareness having this human experience...
Then, cultivate a healthy detachment with the attributes of you.
And, thanks to that relaxation and healthy distancing, start mastering and creating all that you wish to make and experience, knowing that the outcome doesn't define you, therefore, you can go all in. Nothing to lose, everything to win.
Ready to play?

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