The Coronavirus is both a tragedy and your life's best opportunity to heal

balance healing Apr 08, 2020

There seems to be a trend with people critiquing others who see this tragedy as also an opportunity to uplift humanity, as if positivity was delusional and disconnected from the reality that yes many are dying and will die, businesses and old ways too.

I am generally very positive *and* also aware of those realities and numbers.

What many people don’t see is that it is _both_:

A very serious and devastating tragedy,


an opportunity to rest, reset, and build a world that actually meets our needs.

Indeed, we are at this ongoing global funeral and mourning a world that, actually, was killing us already.

It’s as if we have forgotten that we were praying for change, yet incapable of the smallest sacrifice.

We were constantly complaining about our jobs, our bodies, our relationships, not being present for each other, stuck on screens, begging for some rest when one day maybe hopefully we retire somewhere sunny. We were statically not happy.

Did we forget?

We had all of “it”, we didn’t appreciate it, we didn’t nurture it, and now that we loose it, we’re like: “I’m lost!”, but we were lost a month ago too, with it!

Now, it’s important to know that we get addicted to chemicals in the brain, we repeat what’s familiar.

So if someone is used to complaining/stress/drama/adrenaline, even when offered a pause, they’ll create the situation and perspective to get their emotional hit. (Look it up if you’re skeptical).

In other words, most people have no clue as to how to be happy or rest.

Their bodies are totally estranged to that feeling or chemical cocktail. It’s unknown and even scary to be in a moment of silence. Most people have never “stopped and breathed”. Non stop beta brainwaves and survival mode, that’s their comfort zone and it’s killing them.

So when the ego sees an invitation for change and stepping into the unknown, it sounds like potential death. Worse yet, the idea of “coming together” annihilates the ego so of course all that new age talk creates an allergic reaction, like: “you’re fucking crazy, it’s time to freak out!!”. The addiction is strong.

Just be aware of where your reaction is coming from.

Is freaking out and focusing on all the problems helping anyone who’s battling with the virus?! No.

Is it important to feel those emotions if/when they come?! Yes, totally.

Is it important to take those health and safety measures super seriously? 100%.

Is it important to do our best while we can? Yes!

Are the realities of both deaths and new births happening at the same time? Yes. It’s called life, death happens too. The forest burns for new trees to grow.

There will be as much dying as there will be birthing happening in this phase. Remember your physics class? Things tend to balance each other.

It’s hyper natural and healthy to feel sadness, despair, fear, I feel it too, I let me body ride it and learn from it,

but I don’t get stuck in it in the name of being realistic because newness is also part of this happening.

Be aware because those negative emotions are actually addictive and being happy and creative are skills that require training and awareness!

And it’s with that clear mindset and proactive outlook that someone like me can grow, learn, feed homeless people, inspire others, etc. and guess what, that’s real too, but it doesn’t give you that drama hit your brain craves for.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that watching the news, graphs, stats, and freaking out is more connected to reality.

Now, it’s time to get up, and breathe, for those who can, do the inner work, at home, in our most intimate space,

****because that might very well be your life’s best and only chance to rest, clear, feel, and heal decades of emotional constipation and trauma. And doing that deep hard work helps you and everyone around you.****

If that’s not an opportunity, I don’t know what is.

Let’s go!


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