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Bonjour, my name is Aude! 

Like Ode to Joy, and yes I'm a very joyful person. "Aude" also means "daring" in Latin, which is also fitting. I'm a French-Canadian serial tech entrepreneur who once lived the American dream and woke up exhausted and unfulfilled. I was stuck in my head, disconnected from my soul and body.

I embarked on a mind-blowing journey to heal and find myself. I tried it all. I worked with the world's best coaches, attended countless retreats, ceremonies, festivals, trainings, I traveled the world, wrote books, coached, led workshops, and more, so I could design the world's fastest and most fun path heal and reveal one's powers! The result is this life-changing journey: Northstar.

The powers I gained through my healing activated who I truly am. I'm balancing success, sexuality, and spirituality - mind, body, soul. I feel high on the divine, aligned, full of love and energy. You deserve the same, it's your birthright.

Let's get to work and reveal your inner perfection. We've waited long enough to meet you... It's time! 

Looking forward to support you,


You can have it all, and it's all within you:

Clear Mind

You have a clear mind software, you know how to direct your attention towards your biggest dreams. Ideas come easily, you consciously manage your emotions and choose your reaction to meet your goals and build healthy relationships, with yourself and others. You know you can have it all and you take inspired action to receive all the abundance you deserve. Your success uplifts us all.

Vibrant Body

You celebrate the power of your advanced hardware: your body! Your celebrate your sexual nature. You see your sexuality as the Source of your creation, vitality, and pleasure. You apply your sexual energy towards your life's highest vision. You play and explore your fantasies with curiosity, authentic communication, presence, and passion. You are fully vibrant, alive, and magnetic.

Connected Soul

You connect to the infinite human Internet: Spirit - the quantum field that unites us all, the one from which you flow, stream inspiration, genius ideas, guidance, and a sense of purpose. You practice mindfulness and presence in all you do. Your life becomes a prayer, a meditation, an offering to the world. You embody the divine on this planet. You are a channel for Love. You are Love.

Here's how we can work together:

First, I'd love to send you love letters.

I'll share steamy stories, spiritual practices, and life strategies so you make the most out of your one precious life. Profound, personal, and powerful wisdom I don't share out there.


Then, explore the life-changing inner work process I designed for you: Northstar. 

You'll have fun upgrading your mind, body, and soul to experience more peace, power, and pleasure. You'll build your own toolkit to thrive with +40 HD videos that'll jumpstart your self-healing journey.


Finally, you can apply for private coaching with me.

Are you a courageous heart ready to do your inner work, seeking for a more balanced, fulfilling, and exciting life? If you need personalized support and are ready for big shifts, apply below!


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