release emotional weight, bring your young body back to life, & learn how to love yourself now

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You'LL get your body back by loving it, not by hating it. 

91% of women hate their bodies... Chances are you struggle with this too. It's a tragedy that's blocking us from deploying our fullest potential. It's a constant challenge, us against the media.

We can't know self-love if we silently hate our bodies, and it's so hard to be conscious when we're self-conscious. The body is meant to be a portal, not a prison. 

You are ready for so much more! We deserve so much better! This system has put a virus in our heads and it's time to recover our divine essence. The world needs all of you.

I struggled to fully love my body, and after years of taking notes to put this amazing juicy journey together, I'm so thrilled to bring you the very best tools, techniques and insights to totally transform your relationship with yourself. I know this will change your life, hence why I'll give you a 100% Money back guarantee. 

I used to have body dysmorphia, I couldn't let my boyfriend see me naked, I even had surgery to mutilate my body... Tons of coaching, retreats, experiences and healing have transformed that, and I'm bringing the essence of years of self-growth work to you. 

Are you ready to fully love yourself, to feel love where there was hate?

I've been blessed to live in Bali, yet not everyone can fly here and pay thousands for a retreat. I'm bringing the healing magic of Bali to you, with hours of coaching, multiple experts and tools to feel like the Goddess you really are. 

The war is over, it's time for a new era. It's time for you to wake up and absolutely love what you see in the mirror. You're at the right place sister! 

Come with me: 

our Journey Plan

Every destination contains a video coaching session, a meditation, a playlist, and an ebook with tools and exercises to easily apply the teachings in your life.

1. Detox Your Mind:

It all starts in the mind, especially when you're as smart as you are. We'll make peace with past traumas, beliefs and false societal ideals. We'll clean up our environment of poisonous influences. We'll explore why we feel broken and ashamed of our bodies, and how to totally turn around our perspective and relationship with our temple.

2. Make Your Energy happy & Sexy

I find it funny how we care so much about what we wear, yet what we really see and feel is people's energy. The compliment I get most often? "You have great energy". We'll show you the tricks to feel happier, which is essential to weight loss and the foundation of our self-love journey. Happiness is the sun that makes it all grow. 

3. Heal Your Relationship with Food

We all kinda know what we should eat, that's not the problem, just like we know how to make money, doesn't mean it's always easy. It's all about our relationship with each concept. No diet can work as long as junk food and decadence is mentally rewarded and used to numb your emotions. 

4. divine fuel for a Vibrant, Happy Life 


5. Move & Make Love To Your Mind

Fitness can be fun! I'll show you a set of exercises that will make you sweat out the toxins, get fit, feminine, which are also combined with a healthy spiritual practice. 


6. become Sexually Empowered


Ok, that all sounds good. But... how will we get there, right?! I assembled a team of wonder women to walk with you on your growth process. Come, I'll introduce you: 

  • Malaika
  • Anna
  • Danielle
  • Christina

Your investment gives your access to your Goddess's Space, in which you'll have full lifetime access to all this magical content: 

  • Access to The Body Love private group to maintain accountability and create a support system. This is a space where you can express how you feel, share your story in a safe and loving space. I'll be spending countless hours there to answer your questions, within the group or in private if need be. 

  • 8 Live Video Coaching Sessions, one per destination, twice a week for a full month 

  • 5 Experts and Coaches's most healing and helpful advice to help you love yourself

  • 1 Healer & Nutritionist to make it natural for you to choose the best foods to get your real body back 

  • 1 personalized meal plan to make it delicious to detox and get fit like your soul 

Value: $5500.00

your Price: $330.00



1. Goddess Essence: Our senses are so powerful to massage our emotions. I've picked a natural perfume made with essential oils found here in Bali to connect you with the healing powers of the land and to connect us more deeply. 

2. Body Love Journal: 

3. Crystal Commitment Bracelet: This is a special Reiki-charged bracelet that will infuse your journey with unconditional, healing love and be a physical manifestation of the group's energy on your body, and a reminder to stay committed as you walk this self-love path. 

If you have any questions, I'm an email away: , or I looked in my crystal ball to see what you might be thinking: 

How do I access the content?

What if I don't see any results?

What if I'm not fully satisfied? 

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