I help leaders & influencers unlock theiR limitless energy and highest powers. 

You are ready to:

  • Have limitless energy, feeling high without drugs like coke and coffee
  • Transform your sexual energy into creativity and healthy sensuality
  • Access a state of flow in which solutions and ideas come at the speed of light 
  • Feel connected to your heart, express yourself without fear and emotional anxiety
  • Recover your inner spark and overcome fears and blockages
  • Balance your masculine (doing) and feminine (being) energies

My Story

After my business studies, I started two tech companies and consulted for some of the world’s biggest companies. By age 24, I was making 6-digit and was living the American dream. 

But then, I realized I was drained and not fulfilling my purpose. I had no more libido, I wasn’t creating anymore and my work was suffering. I needed a shift to perform again and overcome this functional depression.

I embarked on a self-growth journey during which I asked the biggest questions, worked with the best teachers, and unlocked my gift. 

My Gift For You

We all have a gift to offer the world. For mine, some call it “light”, “divinity”, "life force", but most call it “energy”. Turns out, we're electrical machines.

Since my recent “kundalini awakening”, I've been having electricity bursting out of me. I can transfer this healing energy into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

I move energy through you to undo traumas living in your body, emotions stuck within yourself, ego-driven blockages and fears that are blocking your flow state and optimal happiness. 

With this practice, I combine intuitive guidance, and my own business acumen helps you make the most impactful decisions for your personal and professional lives. 

This energetic work will help you align with your highest-self, with your purpose, and it will unlock your own light and heart energy to flow freely. It's time to embrace your full powers. 

I will help you...

  • Be your true self, feeling energized and powerful
  • Be performant in all areas of your life
  • Overcome addiction to stimulants, porn, and technology
  • Find your bliss and feel your natural high 

It's time. Your first consultation is free. Contact me: hey@audeolivia.com - 303-408-3494