i guide bright & bold souls who are ready to be free.

Over the past decade, I’ve been on an transformative self-growth journey. I’ve studied multiple healing practices and I've worked with the best teachers in the world. I’ve asked the biggest questions and I’ve explore it all, from mind-blowing energy healing to Ayahuasca ceremonies in the jungle. 

My approach delivers powerful intuitive insights, clear guidance, and powerful exercises for you to experience real positive change where you need it most.

Here's what we'll work on together: 

1. Transforming your Fears into Self-Love

There are 2 main drivers in human being’s emotional responses: Love, or Fear.


Fear is a natural response from the ego to protect ourselves, and is core to our common culture. We do most things out of fear: fear of not being enough, not having enough, being alone, etc.

Under every fear, there's a strong desire that is being repressed, because we feel it is not attainable or safe for us to have or feel. 

This limiting pattern blocks our true potential, happiness and ability to love ourselves fully. We end up stressed out, closed off, and insecure, distracting our mind with food, relationships and consumption. So many self-destructive behaviors simply happen to calm these fiery fears. 

I’ve designed an effective formula based on my own experience and the ones of multiple experts to transform your fears into sources of self-love, self-confidence, and self-awareness. 

This method will help you reveal your true self. It is the condensed version of what I’ve applied and learned over the last decade of transforming my fears into love. 

It has profoundly changed my life, and I can say without a doubt that it has made me the happiest I’ve ever been and that I’m highly confident it will bring the same for you, once you apply its principles. 

phase 1: Identifying Trauma & Desire

Every fear comes from a traumatic event, and now it exists to protect ourselves. We’ll locate the event, re-visit it to understand it, see why it manifested into our lives, and re-frame our relationship with the event to find peace and unlock the information it holds to support our self-growth path. 

Every trauma has the potential to teach us something and support our evolution. 

phase 2: Exposure Strategy

What are the ways with which you can revisit this part of you that is screaming at you? How can you embrace this underlying desire that is being repressed, and program your mind to transform the fear into a source of accomplishment and self-confidence? We'll design a plan for you to get into action, and continue to increase awareness as to how this fear is manifesting and blocking your fullest potential. 

phase 3: Action to Eradicate Trauma

This is where the magic happens. Time to put the plan into action. This is where we'll need your full determination and courage to break through the fear-driven patterns that have been limiting yourself. We'll go progressively, trying new things that might scare you, and step by step, your emotional and psychological association to this "part" of you will shift to a higher frequency that lets you expand, feel happy and free, at peace with all parts of you. 

phase 4: Reflection, Integration and Next Steps:

In this session, I give you the necessary tools and action plan to change your relationship with fear, continue to develop the courage to face them, transform them and gather the precious information they hold to better your life. 

2. Manifestation Magic to Fulfill your Highest Dreams


We live in a vibrational Universe and yes our thoughts create our reality. Just like a computer, we are programmed. The good news is that this programming can be optimized to serve our purpose, and align with our highest self. We are constantly manifesting, therefore, we must become conscious of it so that our powers are put to good use. Here are the aspects of this teaching:

1. Tune Up Mindset for success

First, being aware of your powers is key to improving your reality. We'll explore the mastery of the mechanics of your mind and of your energetics to take the control back of your full powers. Once you're "activated", you will clearly see your responsibility in creating your reality. Then, you'll realize that the possibilities are infinite, just like you, and that's when the real magic begins. 

2. Re-program for Self-Empowerment

Using mantras (tools for the mind), recorded meditations and other powerful and proven tools, we'll start "coding" your mind to align with your highest aspirations. As you change your beliefs around your capacities and qualities, your thoughts will change, and your reality will improve to match this updated frequency. 

3. Visualize and magnetize your dream reality

Beyond the work at a mind level (language, beliefs and thoughts), the real juice for manifestation is in the Heart. Our emotions magnetize our dreams into the physical world. I'll design powerful tools and gateways for you to milk, feel, see and live this ultimate reality you were destined for. 

3. Liberate Your Body & Improve your Relationships


So much of our powers are stuck in the body, creating density and blocking the powerful flow of divine energy to be expressed through us. Why? Because sex is vilified, and body shaming is core to the media's messaging. Here's how we can unlock your body's full powers and activate your pleasure centers:

1. making peace with our body

First, we'll work on the relationship with your body, eradicate poisonous beliefs that prevent you from loving your physical self. We'll explore the truth behind sex, how it is sacred and key in our liberation, and soon, you'll feel this beautiful energy growing within you, as it was intended to be. 

2. the practice of self-love

We all hear it, we can only love others when we know how to love ourselves. But "how"? In a society that is designed to make us feel insecure, it is imperative to re-establish these self-loving rituals that support our well-being and self-confidence. I'll share with you powerful keys to clean and supercharge your inner chemistry to maximize your happiness, abundance and creativity. 

3. Activation of your Body's sensual Powers

Sexual energy is so powerful. Life-force flows through us and highly impacts our creative abilities. It is not about having more sex, although that can be it for you, it's about becoming a free-flowing and powerful channel for creative energy to ignite your highest powers, with bliss and pleasure. You'll feel incredible, and you'll be more successful in your own work.

More for you: 

  • After our calls, I send you my intuitive recommendations based on all that we discuss, actions that have the potential to completely transform your life. The “how” will be extremely clear. It can include recorded meditations, mantras, and other powerful exercises. 
  • You'll receive Text Message support as needed during the program. Very useful for busy people, delicate matters and live support when you're confronting a challenging situation. 
  • Every call will last an hour or more, as you need it. 
  • Calls can be done by phone, video calls, or in person if we both are in the same city. 

You’ll feel more confident and optimistic about your future by the end of the month, or I give you your money back, satisfaction 100% guaranteed

Contact me at hey@audeolivia.com to schedule your first session. The first one is on me.