How Discipline Leads to Freedom

Today, I spent the day with myself, and it was much needed after this wonderful and intense week at ISTA. 

When I came back, I emptied my makeup pouch, purse, and backpack. I threw away everything I didn't need (letting go).

I washed every item I love and use with great care (I do this quite often).

I washed all my bags. I disinfected and cleansed my phone and computer. It's excellent to clear and reset the energies.

I put apple cider vinegar in my water and applied a clay mask after having exfoliated with a konjac sponge.

Then, I sprayed colloidal silver, applied a stem cell serum and some aloe. It took time to optimize this skin routine but it's super tight now.

I am upgrading all systems and entering a bigger "game", with more Love, Power, and Freedom... ISTA equips us to embark on.

-- And these behaviors might seem trivial but they are not. 

Most actions I take are done with intention and done very consciously. I optimize my life's systems, one step at a time.

In other words, I engineer my life for high amounts of energy and freedom.

My morning routine takes 1.5 hr, and has 15 steps (best time investment). I'll share more about this soon.

Excellence really is a habit, and it's not just about the work we do between 9-5, but it's all the little things that make the fabric of our lives, and that infuses the bigger picture with a quality that can be felt and upgrade our entire reality.

It's the way I leave handwritten notes, the way I choose my clothes, the way I wear perfume to delight your nose...

Can you give yourself the gift of mindful, excellent micro-actions?

It all adds up to your Self-Love bank account... <3

That structure and drive for excellence is my Masculine holding space and creating the structure I need so that my Feminine can be at peace, dance, and create freely.

Without discipline and systems geared for excellence, we can't fully experience freedom.

It is true for our businesses, and for our lives.

If you're skeptical, watch what happens next in my life. I'll be the living proof that it works. ;)

May your excellence let you experience more joy and freedom!

Aude xo

The Infinite Flow of Life, Birth & Death

😲 This blows my mind every time I think about it... "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée"... Which means: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, but all is *transformed*.

Let's go further:

We are made of re-arranged molecules of different types: minerals, oxygen, carbon, all orchestrated by the incredible coding that is our DNA.

Which means that some of the molecules in your body now once belonged to animals, dinosaurs, plants, other human beings!

You may have a molecule from Elvis Presley, a triceratops or a an emperor who decomposed in a patch of land that grew rice that you ate last night.

Let's go even further:

Through epigenetics, they were modified by their environment. So through what we absorb, we receive incredible amounts of information, beyond the matter that makes up our bones and skin. Like, it's more than "carbon", it carries other secrets, from my perspective but science might object.

In every natural process, there's a philosophical lesson. In this case, it's the notion of cycles and of no-ownership:

Matter, ideas, and emotions flow through us, and we transform them.

We grow them until they die to make room for new forms of life.

Therefore, death and birth are one transmutation away, but they're very close. It's that in between (death to birth again) that we still don't fully get (hence the fear), and how matter is assigned to certain mandates and matched with a spark, the spark (soul) that observes and reflects on these words now...


Enjoy your day 💚

How Would An Alien See This? How to Feel Awe & Magic Again

When I was about 10, I was rollerblading on a sunny country road and I saw some bright, white lights floating nearby. They stayed there, moved, got closer, and went away.

I never talked about it to anyone actually.

I can't say I "believe" in aliens, but it's more fun to think we're not alone in this infinity.

Since then, I like to play this mental game: to seek for total objectivity from my current reality, just like an alien would on his first day here.

Ultimately, it's impossible to attain, but this keeps my mind flexible and more resilient towards dogma and empty judgment.

A few years later, I had started writing a book called "Love Like An Alien". It was the story of a journalist studying concepts with a mind free of all judgment, stigmas, taboos, cultural conditioning... (Yes, along the way, she falls in love for a being who want sent to assist her and he comes from another dimension but I digress... ;))

If all I had was my heart to feel into something's truth, and nothing else,

what would I feel?

What would an alien (assuming he's a sentient being sharing what we accept as universal values) think of how we treat each other, of sex, of politics...?

The extension of this game is a form of a psychedelic layer that recognizes that our current reality is truly trippy, but we just got used to it.

Go back to the mystery, the awe, the magic, recover your virgin eyes and let all your senses make love to this world like it is the very first time.

The mundane is magical.

Can you see your longterm partner like it's the first time you've ever seen her?

An alien would know, he would see her glorious beauty...

So sometimes, I ask myself, what would a new friend from outer space think of that?

Can you look at your hand like it's the first hand you've ever seen, marvel at the magic of the fingers wired from your brain that are typing this while printing pixels shipped through satellites and firing up billions of neurons?

How trippy is that! My God... And dreaming. ?! Anyways. Back to work...

Enjoy the magic <3