Humanity's Big Promotion

So talented...:

So talented...:

My friend Ben told me to read this article, and since Ben is one of the most intelligent, aligned, and courageous minds I've ever met, I was happy to read it.

As per usual, we were both sitting in the back of Seeds of Life, the raw vegan café he founded. It was early morning and we were warming the red couches where our revolutionary conversations unfold, God smiling at us for picking up the breadcrumbs. Raw, vegan, and gluten-free, of course.

The aforementioned article talks about "the future" and how the jobs landscape will completely change, as in 90% of lawyer jobs disappearing and AI's doing all that lovely paperwork for us, yeah that work allows us to pay taxes (lol). 

Of course, we're going there. But the question still holds:

'What will WE do?", anxiously ponder some American dreamer who's given up critical thinking to a bottle of numbing pills that were surprisingly so easy to get. It's okay, there's another pill to crank up your neurons, then spray some espresso on that mix and there you go, you got one excited brain and one inflamed ego.

Bah, that was too much. You needed to detox, so yeah, you came to Ubud. Good. 

Here you are, sitting on that red couch with Ben and I, sipping on some chaga tea because you knew that cocktail of chemicals and coffee wasn't serving you. You felt our frequency, his after hours of doing Ashtanga, Pranayama and having a biophotons party, and you trusted your intuition. It feels like that long warm hug we shared was the kind of energy we actually need. 

You look at me after a deep exhale, spitting the stress out of your soul. I lay my hands on the summit of your torso.

You ask me: "What do you think we'll do then? Aren't you afraid of singularity? Elon Musk said it was scary."

I smile and I tell you that "I think about the future all the time, which in itself is a funny sentence".  

I play along and tickle your mind, which I know can take it:

"Yeah, what will we do if we don't need human lawyers, doctors, soldiers and construction workers?! That's the core of our job market, right?! What will Trump campaign on this time?"

My answer is: SO MUCH MORE. Actually, we'll do what we are built to do.

You rolls your eyes at my answer, it sounds too easy. 

I laugh out loud because it's both funny and exciting, yet I can see how the question is unsettling. I place my hand on your back, and I straighten my spine, or the Source does. 

But seriously, who likes doing these jobs anyways?! Aren't you glad robots will be easing our lives so that we can actually LIVE? Were you really liking that 2-week vacation after years of exhaustion? 

I open my laptop and search "job history and meaning". Here, look at this as I point at my screen: " From the Hebrew, which means "persecuted, hated". In the Book of Job in the Old Testament he is a righteous man who is tested by God, enduring many tragedies and hardships while struggling to remain faithful."

So, do you still want a "job"? 

Dear God, there's so much potential we haven't even tapped in yet. All these old-paradigm jobs are just temporary solutions to the problems we've created by distancing ourselves from the truth:

  • We need doctors because we don't trust and understand the intelligence of our body, nor do we understand bio-chemistry and the vibrational quality of what we assimilate and interact with. It goes way beyond food, we're emotionally constipated!
  • We need lawyers and police officers because we do not respect our inherent heart qualities, we live in fear and with a scarcity mindset in which we abuse and compete with our brothers and sisters, trying to win what is lost in this very competitive process (highest irony).
  • We need teachers to mold minds, train them to be loyal employees, make them insecure and tolerant to abuse, while giving them enough hope to pursue ideals that appear to be theirs, whereas all knowledge is free for us to take once we rise in consciousness. There's no tuition to listen to your intuition... 

As for business and communication, well, it's a matter of unlocking the dormant human technologies that will allow us to build better infrastructure in a more sustainable way, but that implies a revamp of economic dynamics that are based on planned obsolescence and ferocious competition.

Simply said, office jobs, emails, writing, etc. all the "mediums" will be removed and we'll work directly in and out of the collective subconscious, with telepathic powers instead of all these transactions and blurry translations. That's my current feeling, but not sure how long it'll take within this dimension / reality. This might only happen after a big shift... 

As formulaic and mechanic work vanishes from our lives, we will finally tap into our divine capacities. "Flow" will be our natural state, not a funky phenomenon or a fun buzzword. 

Our work will now be to recover and expand on these powers, and that, my friend, is one big full-time contract...

Until it gets much easier. The transition is tough, I'll admit it because we're feeling it, but the light is bright and the tunnel keeps expanding, so we keep digging in for gold and break out of the mold...

You chuckle, so I bring it down to make it a bit more digestible: I'm shy to use the word "divine", as if it's almost blasphemous to use such a term when describing humans, insulting the great One who governs us all but this is a scar from fear-based man-made religion. Divine is not removed from us, it's actually who we are, what we're made of. 

We are the One, we are God's consciousness expressed in the physical world.

How will we recover and expand our divine powers to come back to Oneness?

I believe the logical path is to start at the physical level: We must prepare our bodies like we prepare a starship. As Ben says on his new clothing line: "The only way out is in".

Our work will be to dissolve all density in order to become powerful conduits of divine data, like wifi routers but from the one Source from which we all emanate.

Basically, we gotta turn the power back on, activate that sexy pineal gland, and walk into our light bodies. (I laugh again because I know it sounds far-fetched, whereas what's actually weird is how far off we've distanced ourselves from our original conception). 

To re-engineer the body to be such a powerful portal instead of the prison it has become, the wellness sector will only grow in importance. Self-care will become basic, not "selfish" or luxurious. Breath work and yoga will be as normal as eating breakfast and watching TV in this previous era. 

The way media will work will be very different. Claiming ownership of content will be an outdated principle since all Truth is channeled because it is simply translated from this Source to which we are all connected to. I do not own these words, hence why I gladly give them for free, hence why we don't sell "air". 

Our vision and approach towards sexuality will be wildly different as well. I believe it will be perceived as a powerful practice to experience, and taste Oneness, to raise to higher realms and raise our levels of energy. Tantra and kundalini will be demystified, Truth will take over taboos. 

We'll learn how to perform what now appears to be "miracles", sudden physical healing by removing blocked energy in the form of emotions and traumas in the body.

Our senses will sharpen to the point of surpassing what we now experience in psychedelic states, glimpses of our capacities. For example, if I meet someone, I'll know and feel where there might be an illness with a simple glance. Intuitively, I'll be called to offer my own healing energy for this density to be released, melted, accepted, loved out of her body. Actually, we don't even need to "meet" to do that... 

Some subjects we'll study (until we are fully conscious) might include Mechanics of the Mind, Artistic Channelling, Higher Guidance Counseling, Energy Field Protection and Expansion, Chakras Alignment, Pineal Gland Activation, etc. and I know it sounds super new age hippy to say haha (your pupils widened), but there's nothing weird to all of that, it's all science that has yet to be embraced by the masses. We simply get uncomfortable with what we don't fully "get", see, or can package and sell. 

I sometimes can't escape sarcasm with a touch of cynicism: Don't worry, as soon as corporations get a hold of that, then the media will make you think this is all normal. They'll sell you prana by the bottle, and we'll face another cycle.

Unless we learn and emancipate from this collective karmic imprint bringing us to be enslaved?

Has humanity gotten its lesson yet? Do we still need the pain to "get it"? Can we say "thank you" and get up? Can we be sovereign and rise to a higher dimension, supporting technologies that serve our truest potential, and activate the ones we've left dormant? Can we ignite these twelve strands of DNA and stop seeing slavery as definitions of selves? No, you're not a teacher, or a doctor! That's for your taxes, that's just ink on paper!

Are we ready to embrace our divine nature? *gulp*, you took another sip through your smile and said: "Time will tell"...

"Or we will tell time", I replied.