The Light in The Dark

For every generation, it seems that we’re waiting for another revolution, and talking about the end of the world like a twisted fantasy that would erase the mistakes we made, or this bewildering attraction to the unknown. 

“What if I jump?” 

But we don’t. We can still feel the ground under our feet, this foundation, our 401k, this safety we wouldn't want to lose. Everything is pretty good. Change and hope are good slogans. It will be great again. Or so we think.

No, it hasn’t come yet, or at least not the big tsunami disrupting reality and forcing us to rewrite our dictionary. Subtle waves of change, movement we can feel, and see, once we step back, falling asleep in our History class. 

So is it just a human trait and or a foreseeable feeling for my friends and I to hear this calling to disrupt the current systems? Is it just a story that comes with our age, but that dies as you birth into the adult of you? Anarchist tendencies, just to sound rebellious, thinking that breathing prana in a Prius will fix anything? Is it a normal trend, predictable even, for us to think that all of this will collapse? That this is a pendulum that’s about to swing out of its orbit? 

Perhaps. These statements are certainly classic, like a Beatles song: “You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world, (…) we’d all love to see the plan.” 

Let's think about this idea that.... 

As humans, we are obsessed with happiness and try to avoid pain. Our desire for automation, if fulfilled, is leading to the outsourcing of our critical thinking and memory, and this is why Singularity is dangerous; we must remain aware and in control of our destiny, trusting our intuition as an extremely powerful algorithm. 

But we want to feel good, safe, and happy, with our life sunny side up and an easy flowing chemistry. 

This is where I think lies one of the biggest blockers to this “revolution”:

We have made ourselves allergic to pain, to truth, to feeling things, or the system has, for the incredible powers that emotions hold if we took the courage to listen to them. The information is all in us. 

Pain carries signals, disguised in a way that it appears to be safer to avoid it, enslaving us deeper into this role we were given, a soldier marching into oblivion, clocking in and out, at the intersection of fear and hope, the optimal coordinates for capitalism. 

Yes, pain is a signal, truth’s whispers to our soul, calling for change, however uncomfortable it might appear. Trying to entertain ourselves and numb this pain sinks our existence into a convenient series of lies that detract us from our path, and it distances us from this growth we are meant to experience, as humanity, as one.

For example, consuming content instead of creating new ideas, jamming earbuds in our ears instead of meditating, etc. Pleasure too often our favorite child, and Pain sits in the darkest corner, kept silent with the help of an army of psychotherapists shooting pills, altering reality for the most convenient illusion.

To a point that some people don’t even see it or feel it anymore. They’ve morphed into the mistakes that once pained them, but now they are perpetuating the same patterns, a cycle of people thinking they are finally happy but little do they know they’ve just given up. 

And it goes on and on, with every generation. They pride themselves in being so successful and fitting the puzzle that’ll puzzle the minds and the hearts that can still fear and hear the murmur… 

 But pain, even if we ignore it, never goes away, it gets worst as we try to cover it. I'm not suggesting to live in pain, I'm suggesting to let ourselves feel it, to be present, so that we can take proper action and achieve real peace and happiness. 

I hope that deep down within your deepest self when the curtain’s down and the selfie's posted, I hope that right now, you are sad and confused in some way, at least regarding some parts of our existence. Otherwise, I ask myself, are you disconnected, oblivious or psychopathic? 

Oh, we can certainly feel happy, hopeful and grateful for this third-dimensional human experience, influxes of endorphins, the incredible chance to be alive and connect together.

But what I mean is this belief and latent feeling that we have lost parts of our humanity and that it is time to claim back our powers and elevate our existence beyond false ideals that never fulfill us is vital to our survival, or evolution, more so. Our ancestors evolved because they couldn’t avoid the pain. They had no phones, no pills, no prostitution of the mind. They had to figure shit out. 

This “darkness” for which you might be ashamed or which you might try to mute and cover up in order to be of good company, is, I believe, your most blatant and most beautiful sign of sanity, connectedness and inner alignment.

Your sense of confusion is the living and loving proof that you know that you and all of us are built for a world in which “I love you” is not scary, in which we see pupils more than pixels, in which we don’t destroy our bodies out of shame engineered by the media who needs you to feel broken and hopeful enough so you keep binging and buying, in which we don’t kill our brothers and sisters with bullets so they report better earnings for the fucking stock market, in which we don’t eat dead animals who suffered all the way to our gut as it destroys our planet, in which democracy is more than an empty dream orchestrated for the benefits of a few, in which we don’t break up with someone as soon as it’s not convenient because movies didn’t mention that our imperfections are what makes us humans.

You see a world in which you can be yourself, unfiltered, as you are, like others.

Do not discard your darkness, embrace it, wrap your mind around it, the arms of your awareness, unarmed, open, a little deeper, until you cry and scream like a child, the child you still are, the one who hasn’t stopped dreaming. The dark is part of you, it’s beautiful and so powerful. Dark is a scary concept that is instilled so you give up truth for fabricated happiness. They want you to be happy and stupid. Your intuition is fantastic tool to better your world, seek for solutions, and fuel our consciousness’ elevation. You can't see the stars without the dark.. See, this divine complementarity? Nature is, God is, it doesn’t judge. 

Feel sadness take over you, until you can not accept it anymore, until you yourself transform your darkness into an incredible drive to live with truth and courage, questioning the statu quo, offering audacious solutions that once got some stoned and hung but that were key to our evolution. Don’t you doubt for a second that we too will rewrite history books with a bunch of cliffhangers and surprises, this will not be a linear story. We are the script writers and actors of our own reality.