Keys To Intimacy

1. For the energy to flow, your Root chakra must be open. This chakra is linked to Safety. Therefore, establishing a safe container is key to any deep intimate practice. That's the starting point and the root cause to so many sexual issues. 

2. Create an energetic bubble and share your Fears, Desires, and Boundaries with your partner.

3. A Safer Sex discussion is always needed: a) When were you last tested and what were the results? b) Did you have any risky sex since then? Were your partners clean and tested? c) What do you use for contraception? 

4. Hold hands and connect through breathing. This will amplify feelings of safety and connection with your partner. Eye-gazing is truly mystical. 

5. Circular breathing: Come close and engage in this Tantric breathing in which one embodies the Masculine, and the other, the Feminine. The Feminine inhales through the mouth, and exhales through the nose. The Masculine then inhales from the nose from his partner's nose's exhales, and exhales through the mouth, which she inhales from her mouth, creating a perfectly circular breathe to unite both polarities.