Intro To Trantra

1. The first part is to open ourselves to life, to pleasure, to possibilities. If we're closed off emotionally and energetically, we can't experience bigger orgasms. 

2. Making peace and loving our genitals with bringing our loving awareness to these parts of us that have been repressed. Our yoni and lingam needs love and attention with daily self-pleasuring and honoring massages.

3. The goal changes from a short-lived grasping orgasm to an orgasmic state that is amplified and spread throughout our body to heal and manifest our biggest dreams to life. Ultimately, the orgasm brings us back to our divine self. 

4. Ejaculation Mastery: Know your scale of pleasure, 1-10, stop and move around 8, move the energy with physical movement, breathe (4 counts in, 4 counts out), visualize the energy moving upward through your body. Don't spill your life force mindlessly. Experience orgasms without having to ejaculate. This will supercharge your body and save you from sluggish states and long refractory periods. 

5. The female partner also has a big role in the equation as the Feminine wants to "drink in" the male's semen - Life wants to live! So it's important to embark on this journey with a conscious intention to build pleasure, and to not take it personally if the man doesn't ejaculates. It's a powerful practice! She must control her pull as well.

6. As you make love, keep eye contact and breathing in sync as much as possible. Create this circular loving flow that connects all your chakras and opens you up to the divine. Visualize divine entities, or simply connect to the God and Goddess within your partner. By addressing and seeing your partner as a divine being, then so it will be. Perspective is everything. Pleasure is medicine. Pleasure is power, and a portal to higher realms. 

7. It's a life practice, there's no "success metric”, goal, or number of orgasms to reach. You play with it with an open, innocent, playful, loving mind. This is about feeling GOOD to feel GOD.