Why Extraordinary People Are Insecure

I bet you that you and/or the people with the deepest insecurities around you are actually the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented people you know.

Or at least, they were as children...

Why? Very simple. Our system punishes the "extraordinary" and shapes people to a standard that aligns with the needs of capitalism: orderly and loyal employees.

It doesn't want alpha, sexually dominant, and empowered free-thinkers who can re-write the rules, no.

I can't recall how many BEAUTIFUL women have revealed struggling with their bodies, myself included. And that goes for any quality.

What happens is that everyone has a gift or many.

When expressed (especially during childhood), it will scare others who get confronted to their relative and imagined "inferiority".

In truth, it's a perfectly complementary system and comparison is a poison but we'll talk about this another day.

Then, jealousy and judgment come in. We shoot it down so we feel good about ourselves again. That's what bullies do, they kill the light in others.

Since being accepted is still deeply attached to our "survival", we tame ourselves so that we "fit in" and survive. It's totally natural. We do need a tribe.

The issue is that the tribe's values are insane and not conducive to excellence and evolution.

The aspects of competition and comparison prevent the celebration of everyone's gifts and it kills that bright light that you had as a child, the one that hopefully survived, the one you can still rekindle.

I'm dreaming of a community where everyone can embrace their gifted self, and offer it to others, without the fear to be hated, but with the joy of being celebrated for the acceptance of what has been given to us to build heaven on Earth.

Imagine that...