The Best Way To Inflate Your Ego

The best way to inflate the ego is to try to kill it, to eradicate it, like many "spiritual people" try to do, as I did too.

Your ego, your sense of self, is your soul signature, your uniqueness, your contribution to this perfectly complementary system and multidimensional map on which you will find your "x".

Seeing the ego as the ultimate enemy drives a fear response from the ego.

Then the ego becomes unhealthy, power-hungry, afraid to never be seen and accepted, like a child who is rejected and ignored.

A well-loved ego, or healthy confident sense of self, is powerful and so positive! In fact, it is a blessing for the greater good.

Trying to kill the ego can also express a desire to protect ourselves from others for the times judgment has hurt us - which is natural but far from optimal.

So then we wish to "ascend" or to "transcend" our existence, which is kind of an insult to the beauty of the human journey.

I heard these desires of ascension one of too many times...

And once upon a time, that's what I wanted too. Now I realize this incarnation is about:

and Connection.

Ascension will come once these are realized and embodied.

I realized this quite recently in fact (and I might change my mind, I'm sharing my current perspective and I don't claim to be right), and it's when I decided to stay in LA instead of going to Bali:

"Hey, I'm a human being, in this body, in this wonderful 3rd dimension, so how about I enjoy it and I deliver my gifts within this system instead of trying to transcend this opportunity to be human?"

And doing so is, ironically, the way to heal the ego, to graduate and complete this level so we can then...

...naturally ascend to higher dimensions.

Not out of a desire to be superior or "more spiritual", but out of profound acceptance and celebration of the dynamics of the human existence, this gift of LIFE.

So, LOVE your ego, once the wound is healed, we can be whole again. Your gifts will be enjoyed in the human world.

Listen in to your ego:

What's unique about you?
What's your superpower?
What energizes you?
What did you love doing as a child?
What would you do if money wasn't a thing?
If you did a TED Talk, what would you tell the world?
If you died tomorrow, what would others say and miss about you?

When the longings of your ego are accepted, nourished, balanced, and celebrated, then it won't drive fear-driven insecure behavior.

Your ego is your drop from the infinite ocean. We'll return to the ocean, in time, but for now, flow with it, because we all need each other's gifts.