How To Design Better Beliefs

I want to share a personal and powerful exercise I've been doing...

Believing that "unconscious men who aren't at my level" is the issue wouldn't serve me. I am responsible for my reality, 100%. So many men are amazing and I meet them all the time!

Since I understand how POWERFUL the mind is, I'd like to share an honest assessment of some of the *beliefs* that are creating "me being single, longing for the one" with new lines of mental code.

When beliefs conflicts, the intention (meeting my life partner) can't manifest. I'll share a few with you, and hopefully, it helps you too:

//Conflicting belief #1. When I'm single, I meet more people and I grow at a faster rate.

Traveling alone I meet new people every day! It wasn't the case w my boyfriends, though it was sweet in other ways.

Plus, I get to learn new things and live have all sorts of experiences that help me better understand myself and the world around me.

--->Truth to replace it: My soul seeks to expand, to be free. I will meet new parts of me with the right partner, he will fuel my curiosity and share more adventures. Love brings more joy and freedom, otherwise, it doesn't come from the Heart.

//Belief #2. Love isn't safe. This is a common belief. I've been hurt before, so for sure my ego thinks it's way safer to be single.

My spiritual path, diet, rituals, etc. serve my happiness but they also create that cozy gap with the other, keeping me safe. In a way, I become untouchable.

--->Truth to replace it: The real danger is having my heart closed, not knowing how to receive and not seeing my worthiness within and with another. Real love doesn't hurt. And no one can hurt me unless I give my power away. By loving and empowering myself, I can safely navigate and enjoy all my relationships.

//Belief #3. I'm not worthy of love.

Honestly, I wasn't the best girlfriend in my early 20's. Part of me is afraid to hurt them or thinks another woman can meet their needs better than I can. Some guilt is crippling my sense of self-confidence.

--->Truth to replace it: The past is gone and mistakes were essential learning experiences. I am a new person and making another happy can only happen when my needs are met and all are aligned. These "mistakes" were a subconscious expression of my spirit not being happy. Now that I've done years of work on myself, I can meet the other with the same peace I have within. The true me.

//Belief #4: The more powerful I am, the harder it is to meet men.

I often hear this!

--->Truth to replace it: The more aligned I become, the easier it is for me to meet people who are an actual match to me. A relationship can only be really meaningful when two self-aware beings meet from a place of authenticity. Sure, I could have a boyfriend just to say I do, but thankfully, I can't fake it anymore. Only what is true and loving to my higher self will expand within my field.


We have beliefs about every aspect of our lives. Being aware of them is the first step to creating a better reality. Then, we choose empowering and loving thoughts to improve our reality.