Honoring My Now

I was making food and thinking about all the things I will accomplish, feel, experience, create...

I was rinsing the spinach and I looked at it, realizing I wasn't present with it.

This is *it*. This is my life right now.

I'm not making food so I can function, think, work, get this done so I can have this and be that.


I am making food...

to make food.

In this moment of extreme awareness, I fell deep into presence, deep into the infinity of this moment and realized the ridiculous of always having my mind in a nearby moment.

It's like being on a date, but to always be thinking of someone else.

It's not okay, it's an insult to the *now*. It steals me from living fully.

The spinach felt so fresh, such a deep green, so vibrant. I took the knife to cut it in smaller pieces so the lemon juice could marry itself to every bite. I appreciated how sharp the knife was, it was easy. The sun found its way to the room and flooded it, and that was nourishing too.

This is your life right now. You're reading words to make you aware of the fullness of this moment, its primordial importance, its plenitude...