How Discipline Leads to Freedom

Today, I spent the day with myself, and it was much needed after this wonderful and intense week at ISTA. 

When I came back, I emptied my makeup pouch, purse, and backpack. I threw away everything I didn't need (letting go).

I washed every item I love and use with great care (I do this quite often).

I washed all my bags. I disinfected and cleansed my phone and computer. It's excellent to clear and reset the energies.

I put apple cider vinegar in my water and applied a clay mask after having exfoliated with a konjac sponge.

Then, I sprayed colloidal silver, applied a stem cell serum and some aloe. It took time to optimize this skin routine but it's super tight now.

I am upgrading all systems and entering a bigger "game", with more Love, Power, and Freedom... ISTA equips us to embark on.

-- And these behaviors might seem trivial but they are not. 

Most actions I take are done with intention and done very consciously. I optimize my life's systems, one step at a time.

In other words, I engineer my life for high amounts of energy and freedom.

My morning routine takes 1.5 hr, and has 15 steps (best time investment). I'll share more about this soon.

Excellence really is a habit, and it's not just about the work we do between 9-5, but it's all the little things that make the fabric of our lives, and that infuses the bigger picture with a quality that can be felt and upgrade our entire reality.

It's the way I leave handwritten notes, the way I choose my clothes, the way I wear perfume to delight your nose...

Can you give yourself the gift of mindful, excellent micro-actions?

It all adds up to your Self-Love bank account... <3

That structure and drive for excellence is my Masculine holding space and creating the structure I need so that my Feminine can be at peace, dance, and create freely.

Without discipline and systems geared for excellence, we can't fully experience freedom.

It is true for our businesses, and for our lives.

If you're skeptical, watch what happens next in my life. I'll be the living proof that it works. ;)

May your excellence let you experience more joy and freedom!

Aude xo