The Infinite Flow of Life, Birth & Death

😲 This blows my mind every time I think about it... "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée"... Which means: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, but all is *transformed*.

Let's go further:

We are made of re-arranged molecules of different types: minerals, oxygen, carbon, all orchestrated by the incredible coding that is our DNA.

Which means that some of the molecules in your body now once belonged to animals, dinosaurs, plants, other human beings!

You may have a molecule from Elvis Presley, a triceratops or a an emperor who decomposed in a patch of land that grew rice that you ate last night.

Let's go even further:

Through epigenetics, they were modified by their environment. So through what we absorb, we receive incredible amounts of information, beyond the matter that makes up our bones and skin. Like, it's more than "carbon", it carries other secrets, from my perspective but science might object.

In every natural process, there's a philosophical lesson. In this case, it's the notion of cycles and of no-ownership:

Matter, ideas, and emotions flow through us, and we transform them.

We grow them until they die to make room for new forms of life.

Therefore, death and birth are one transmutation away, but they're very close. It's that in between (death to birth again) that we still don't fully get (hence the fear), and how matter is assigned to certain mandates and matched with a spark, the spark (soul) that observes and reflects on these words now...


Enjoy your day 💚