The Best Things Really Are Free

Think about the fact that:

  • Slow playful kisses that make you tingle
  • Sunrises after having danced all night long
  • Walking barefoot on the soft grass
  • Swimming naked under the moonlight
  • Sharing mind-blowing stories that gives you chills all over
  • Laughter that makes you cry of joy
  • Meditating until you dissolve in a field of light
  • Breathing deeply as you activate your body
  • (What else? ☺️)

... are all FREE, then is LIFE *really* expensive?

We’re made to forget that so we fuel this capitalistic system! They break us so we buy stuff.

Remember that you can have all of this if you open yourself to receiving this love and bliss.

I had forgotten: 3.5 years ago I gave up my luxurious lifestyle for one of adventure and it really reconnected me to actual wealth.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always easy and dear god it gave me good stories. 🙃

I love making money, and I’ll make much more in this lifetime. But this explorative phase realigned my priorities and appreciation of what money actually unlocks. I had almost forgotten that fun can be free! 😍

I used to buy a lot of stuff, and I had a fraction of the energy I have now. It made me heavier, I stopped creating and I was quite sad. 😔

Now, I want to buy *expansive* things... Real good things. 👌🏼

I know millionaires, and hippie frugal people. It’s shocking to see how having a rich mindset and heart aren’t necessarily linked to a bank account.

Whatever feeling we’re looking for when buying something, let’s remember that it’s accessible right now, for free.

Trust me, I’ve travelled the world and my best trips didn’t all require a plane ticket. (So much to say here haha).

Let’s invest that cash for us to amplify our impact, expand our freedom and perspectives. It’s a big bonus to our appreciation of life’s inherent gifts.

We’re already so rich! What will you feel with all of it?! 🤩💫💰💎🎉

Aude 💛