11 Keys to a Healing & Happy psychedelic journey

First and foremost, I'm a total health nut. My diet mostly consists of chia pudding with all the superfoods you can imagine, lemon apple cider vinegar water, algae salad wraps, and sweet potatoes when I feel fancy. I never drink coffee, nor do I take meds, I barely ever drink alcohol, and I have an extensive physical practice to keep me flowing. 

So, I wouldn't be sharing this if I didn't truly believe that some of these psychoactive plants are very healthy, on all levels: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have the profound conviction that they will be widely used and accessible in a not-so-distant future. In fact, I believe some of them are key to human being's evolution. They're software upgrades for the human mind. 

I had my first psychedelic experience 3.5 yrs ago in Kauai, I was 27 years old. It was incredible, in the best way possible. I received so many downloads (divine inspiration and content right from the Source) and felt deeply connected with nature, with Truth. It opened a gateway of growth and exploration for me. 

Since then, I've done Magic Mushrooms (psilocybin) about 12 times, LSD, MDMA, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Kambo, Rapé, and a few others that are a little more rare. My experiences have ranged from light visuals, vibrancy, fun art watching, to full blown transcendental experiences, embodying the divine, activating healing powers, shape-shifting, deep channelling and time alteration. 

I've never taken coke, heroin, or meth, or any strong stimulants or opioids. We simply can't put all these substances in the "drug" bucket. The experience they provide and their chemical makeup are way too different to do so. 

What I'm sharing here is that psychedelics and plant medicines are a category of their own, teachers and keys to inner worlds full of love, beauty, and wisdom. They also help re-discover our current reality through another lens, and in doing so, we fall in love with life again. As a bonus, they're clinically proven to help with anxiety and depression, without risking addiction. 

Why are we so scared of them? Because we're conditioned, brainwashed if you will, and for "good reasons". During the hippie movement, the usage of psychedelics lead to a powerful awakening and desire to be unified again.

The issue here is that capitalism is based on competition. Our economic system runs on division. We all live in separate units, all buying the same shit, with very little sharing. "Let's each get a lawnmower instead of sharing one"! So anything that leads to communal living or unity would be extremely disruptive to the current order and systems of enslavement, which definitely includes psychedelics. 

So if you're ready to heal the great wound (feeling of division, inflated ego), with the help of these magical substances, here's my advice for a safe, healing and happy trip:

  1. Do Your Research: Read forums, blogs, ask people, devour books, watch YouTube videos, follow your curiosity and attraction. It'll make you feel more grounded and confident in your experience.
  2. Choose a Trusted Source: that really matters. Ask people who have used this source. Ask questions. There are ways to test it to make sure it's the actual plant. Trust your intuition. I've bought some before and threw it away because I wasn't feeling it. 
  3. Find peace and Accept Fears, to Transform Them: hey, I still get nervous. My ego still is afraid to dissolve and return to Oneness. You'll probably feel nervous, anxious, doubtful, and that's normal. Behind every fear hides a desire: a desire to heal and connect with our Higher Self. Don't suppress your fear, smile at it, and know that soon, it'll be filled with love and beauty.
  4. Fast & Clean: As much as possible, eat very little and don't consume gluten, soy, artificial sugar or coffee before, during, and after your trip. Also avoid fermented foods, mango, banana, avocado, kombucha, and drinks lots of water throughout your trip. A big part of it is chemical and in interaction with your gut (a world of its own). If you're already super intoxicated (like most people are), well, of course, the trip could be denser, but it's also the plant helping you purge that yucky chemistry stuck inside of you. You want to clean that sh*t out! 
  5. Blessings & Intention: Bless the medicine, give it all your love and gratitude for its intelligence and healing powers, pray, connect with your guides and angels in your own way. Call it God, the Universe, Jesus, or your Ascended Masters, with whomever you want to trip with to experience divine beauty in a safe, guided manner. As for your intention, it may be something you wish to release, activate, call into your life, or discover. For example: "May I release my blockages and fears around abundance and align with my life's highest purpose".
  6. Choose a Safe Environment: Please, don't try this in a club or at a party with strangers. Rent a cabin, do it at home, have big blankets ready, do not plan on driving, biking, or swimming. You'll want to be grounded and know the place by heart. 
  7. Only Trip with People you Love and Trust: People's vibes and their relationships to you will impact your trip. Make sure you're connected and comfortable with them. You'll deepen your bond and see a whole other side of the person. Tripping with my friends has gotten us so incredibly close. It brought us to other worlds and created memories we'll cherish for the rest of our lives. 
  8. Optimize for Bliss & Beauty: Get a playlist ready, have art material, cool stuff to watch, to feel, stuff to amuse your senses and deepen your appreciation of the human experience.
  9. Be Ready to Capture Insights: Pen and paper, always! Or record your insights.
  10. Share & Reflect: What did you see, what did you learn? What do you want to tell your "sober" self? 

There you go, fellow psychonaut! I truly hope that gives you the guidance and courage needed to explore psychedelics. They've brought so much into my life, and I can only smile as to all the greatness they'll bring into yours.

Aude xo