Rant on Dating: Get Up, You're a God!

Allow me to vent about dating. Here we go:

"What are you looking for?", he (a stranger who found me on Messenger from my Bumble profile) asked again, praising my looks and offering that he wants a drama-free fun chill kinda thing. How surprising.

Ok. Hmm. How can I say this nicely... I'm profoundly allergic to this whole "Netflix and chill" casual sex culture who's afraid of commitment and romantic demonstrations. To me, it is so sad that we've become afraid of the spectacular.

If, with ALL that I post, all you find to say about me is that I'm "cute", no I do not think there's potential.

It's okay, we all have bruises on our hearts and lots of it is a result of societal conditioning, but the solution is to heal, not to numb ourselves with sensorial entertainment and emotional distancing.

Plus, Sex is never really casual, it is Sacred. When it is done unconsciously, it lets bad viruses in your operating software. Even physical/animalistic sex leaves an energetic imprint.

Out of self-respect, no I'm not going to sleep with you, take on your DNA, energetic body, quantum entangle me, feel these emotions designed to ensure the survival of the race, risk a pregnancy and STD just to be left in silence because you'll realize I'm a Goddess-Angel-Unicorn-Priestess who wants to heal hearts and you'll feel small because well it's time Men do the work and you'll abuse my kindness to give you a false sense of superiority by ignoring my texts and acting like you don't care.

The saddest thing is that before, I would have tried (and failed, thankfully) to make myself small to align with your programming for which I have empathy but no patience left.

No, thank you. No more of that sh*t.

GET UP, you're not a f*cking frog! You're a GOD!

And I wish this scenario was a dramatization but it's not. That is why I'm so glad some Men are waking up! To the men in my life who are facing their fears, THANK YOU.

And it's also why I create and stay celibate instead of engaging in these damaging practices, that is until I meet someone who's on his path as well, walking through heaven and hell.

What am I looking for, you ask, Dating-App-Dude?

I'm looking for the Man who'll love me with as much devotion as I will offer him -- and that's enough Love to move the Moon. A man who won't think I'm too much no, but someone who'll make me grow, and support my wildest dreams. A man who cares enough to use his words, a man who loves being romantic, one who doesn't mind triggering me or being triggered, and who's not afraid of deep intimacy, *even if he's afraid of it* because that's where the magic is at.

And then yeah sure, him and I can binge watch shows and get to the bottom of the bucket under a fort of blankets...

I'm not looking for bing-bang-boom sex to release you from the Life Force your energetic architecture can't hold onto, I want to (learn) transcendental tantric sex as a pathway to God-realization and to the potential creation of incredible human beings.

So please, kindly omit these cute bikini pics you saw from me. That's me playing, it's entertainment and celebration of the feminine, our beautiful flesh sculptures.

Let's save each other time, and may you find the right Woman for you, just like I will meet my Man too, all in divine timing, through fire and through fear. <3