Is Dying the End, or...?

Let me share a story I find fascinating, which made me reflect on death... It's one of two twins talking in their Mother's womb:

-"Do you think She exists?" one asks.
-"I don't think so, I've never seen her", the other replies.
-But, I feel a presence, I feel there's something bigger beyond this space we're in.
-Why would there be? I think *this* is it. 
-Really? Well, what do you think happens once we get expulsed from here? We're getting too big to stay, I feel our time is coming.
-It'll be the end.


But was it the end? Do you see it, how they were afraid of being born, just like we are afraid of dying?

We didn't know what would be, after birth. We didn't know it was the start of our human experience battling the ego and secretly seeking to return to Oneness. As wonderful as life is, it is still dense and quite challenging.

And we still don't know what death is. No one knows for sure.

From all my experiences with DMT (which is secreted when we dream, when we're born and when we die) and lots of reflections and discussions, death seems to be actually very smooth, light, it is the liberation from the physical anchor and the return to our Source (assuming we have completed our karmic contract, or else we come back, again and again, like a video game you gotta complete).

We're overly and deeply attached to this human life and flesh vessel because it is all we know now. We still identify as a body, and we are naturally afraid of the unknown.

Of course, I love living, I enjoy my body and this planet, I celebrate the beauty of this incarnation and I embrace the work my soul has come to do on this plane of existence. I'll go back once I'm done.

But deep down, I have a strong feeling that death isn't the end. That sometimes, some souls have done their work here and their suffering is too unbearable for this type of existence. Some angels go back to heaven. They embark on a new voyage, that might even be as magical as life on Earth, or more, or just different! Who knows?

We didn't know birth would lead to *this* right now, didn't we?!

They return to the infinite, as we will all experience, in time.

Just like some relationships are beautiful then, and they transition after.

Life flows, continuously. Death is very close to birth.

Yes, we must address the despair, isolation, and depression who are taking too many, too soon.

But maybe it is time we broaden our views on death, ask bigger questions, and have the humility to realize that we still don't know.

For now, let's be present for those who need it, and listen in with love and compassion. This life is pretty magical, and it's time we honor it.