Let Your Love Light Up The World

How crazy is it that we live in a society in which we have to control the expression of our love, a world in which we act like the others don't exist, in which our bubbles matters more than hugs, in which we interview people and compare more than we care?

I was walking and I saw this man, he looked very sad. I walked to him to ask him how was doing. The urge was so strong.

But then I realized that I don't know him, that he's busy, he's going somewhere... I kept walking.

I regret not stopping, I will next time I feel such.

Then, my lawyer friend and I were walking, talking about faith, dimensions, business... I wanted to lay down in the grass with him and be silly for a moment, but that'd be ridiculous. Walk straight and stay serious.

It takes so much effort for me to abide by these damaging rules drawn by the ego, the fear of being seen and touched by someone.

We're so often in our minds, in the past, the future, but rarely are we present in our hearts and our truest desire to connect and be held.

I'm glad I'm meeting people who remind me of the importance of pure loving presence, a certain innocence we lose over time...

It can be as easy as asking for a pause, breathing together in silence, and looking into each other's eyes. It's a good start to infuse truth where it's needed.

I'm very close to letting my love light up the world... to covering everyone I love with kisses if I feel like it, and I hope that scares you, the part of you that sees me as the other, until that melts away like the snow and we let ourselves be the flowers we were born to be...