Winter Musings

To my friends in Mexico,
let me tell you…
Snow is one wild art show
Billions of exclusive pieces
All uniquely sculpted by a mad artist
Who will surely lose his sh*t (😘)
When he realizes that the Sun
will come back around
And melt it to the ground

I tried to save them, 
All tucked up in a snowball,
God complex and all,
But they’re ephemeral diamonds I can’t hold
because my touch is too warm
I guess my naked hands full of love can cause harm
So stay cold, stay cool, don’t be a fool, 
don’t melt into my arms, 
we both know summer love
isn’t enough.

Winter reminds us that
what we found might be lost, 
that the seasons are just
the Earth’s love stories, 
births, breakups, and memories, 
that even death won’t do you apart,
that after the funeral comes a party,
that we’re autumn leaves on a river, 
soon to be ice, frozen in time, 
resting deeply until this orgasmic life force
dissolves the ice for her tears
to water the flower
he’ll pick up for her
that’ll make her smile
until they wilt and die
for fresher roses
and new noses
to be blessed by Life.