What Women Need Now: Free Men

Looking ahead, what can truly help women in 2018?

To be honest, I don't think it's specifically "women" who are desperate for help now. We've made tremendous progress for which I'm eternally grateful for.

In fact, these women who fought for our rights are the reason such a post can be written. There's still a lot to do, but I feel we may need a different angle now...

Women are so incredibly strong, resilient, resistant to pain, and equipped with great emotional intelligence to process life's biggest tests. We have big energetic testicles, that's for sure. 

Unfortunately, Women too often get broken and need help as a result of broken men, which was made very clear especially this year with the #metoo movement. It's important not to victimize women and demonize men, but you get the point. 

Think about this...

Let's say you had an island with just women: there wouldn't be (or rarely) any domestic violence, rape, assault, abuse of power, glass ceiling, and competition for men's approval.

There'd be a lot of emotional turbulence and tears but hey, rain feeds the Earth. :P (I love men, I'm using the metaphor to make a point, with a pinch of sarcasm).

Whenever I bring up the urgent need to help men when talking about "women", people object. The "white male privilege" seems like the ultimate genetic gain and apparently, it's always their day.

Oh, is it? Really?

Men have 3.5 X suicide rate
96% of mass shootings done by males
13X more males than females in prison

If we think Males are doing well, it's because they're not speaking up! Only broken hearts in terrible pain can commit such acts.

Another example: Society now supports women being both at work and at home. Is it as easy for a man to be at home?

I can wear a suit. Can a man wear a skirt? No. These are various results of patriarchy.

Who truly has more power between:

-Mothers raising children or
-Business executives?

Now, we "think" that business people do, because our society undervalues soft skills and parental responsibilities, or professions like teachers, nurses, etc. so that we can keep wages low and give up control to the state to shape employees, not self-confident, free-thinking leaders, and keep women working so they keep buying stuff.

Yes, most would say the Business peeps who pushing numbers on a spreadsheet have more power because we overvalue money, and who makes it move.

But hey, who created and raised that CEO? Yes, the father matters too, but the mother had an incredible responsibility there.

Plus, is that real power from the Heart or from Fear? Greed isn't true power.

The fact is that we Women always have had incredible, incommensurable power:

-With our womb creating Human Beings
-With our pleasure giving pussies their penises cry for
-With our intuitive and creative powers
-With our Love that moves mountains and nations

What's the proof of that?

Well, we fight and oppress what we *fear* most. The man who abuses the woman is the same little boy who got his heartbroken at 7-year old by this cute girl, and who got rejected at this bar when he told her "you're pretty".

Too many Men fear Women. Otherwise, there would be no reason to control them if truly they were weak and incapable. They fear to lose them.

Do you see it?

Men might miss the mark sometimes / often (and women can get ridiculous too, myself included), and many are straight up broken, perverted, and criminal in their way of dealing with their despair as a result of deep fears to feel and manage their emotions.

I do believe that a Man instinctively seeks to provide and make a woman deeply happy.

And Dear God, I know some of the most amazing, angelic, empowering and loving Men on this Planet.

Does lack of self-awareness and control excuse anyone's behaviors? No, not at all.

But shame, guilt, and ostracization aren't the answer either. In fact, it makes it worst.

When a Man is broken and portrayed as a monster, it leads to higher suicide rates, domestic violence, sexual harassment, etc.

When a Man becomes conscious, we heal him and the people he will touch, Women included.

The #metoo campaign was very powerful, and it gave the courage to many to speak up, heal, and it woke Men up to the terrible impact of their unconscious sexuality and hunger for power. The pendulum is swinging on the other side and men will pay the price now of women's pain...

The campaign destroyed men who had previously destroyed women. And now, many good ones are super scared to make a mistake that'll cost them their career, closing them off to certain interactions with women (from what I'm told).

Focusing on victims creates an unbalance that could, ultimately, hurt women's access to the table.

My point is, we can't help Women if we don't help Men now.

While I do believe in continuous support and voice for the victims, we ought to focus on prevention to maximize the impact of our efforts.

I believe that helping Men is the most impactful approach both for Women and Men, and it is mutually exclusive from the current progress and vital support that is given to Women.

It is time we give that to ourselves and to all the children born of Mothers who might now be afraid of another school shooting by a little boy who was broken and ignored once again.

May all Women meet and merge with conscious, loving, free, and courageous Men who have learned how to feel and express themselves from their Highest Self, out of fear, and tall into their glowing hearts.

Much love,