Social Media: The Ego's Fridge

There are many of you with whom I have a digital relationship. We may meet, or we may not. One thing that is almost for sure is that the reality of "me" will be different than what you had envisioned. 

Our lives are trillions of frames constantly piling up in the Akashic records and we choose 1 (out of too many) for Instagram, all highjacked on filters. In real life, there are no filters. We fart, we have pores, we have fears, and "Dislikes". 

So we evade to a world where we are safe from the Truth: social media, the Land of beautiful Lies.

When we browse social media, we get sucked in, sucked into a downward spiral. It becomes subconscious. The Ego browses and follows "feelings". It seeks for an emotion from the content, it's not about the content itself. 

it wants to laugh, to feel some hope, to relax, but mostly, I think it seeks to affirm its limiting beliefs. And that's the biggest trap of being on social media. 

The ego is fear-based, which explains why Instagram is, often enough, the land of touched-up teenage models that make us feel "inadequate". 

In a way, we love it, because it confirms that "we're not good enough, yet", that we're "broken", and that we must keep going in order to deserve love. 

Why do we keep scrolling if studies prove that our addiction to social media mostly makes us unhappy? 

Because it isn't our conscious heart and highest self that are scrolling. It is our Ego that is feeding itself through comparison and competition against made-up realities that fuel themselves on our addiction to victimization and small thinking.

"See, told you you weren't good enough!" , as you double-tap that. 

Social media is the ego's fridge. All the yummy, junk food content, mechanisms, design tricks it needs to get blown out of proportion and next thing you know, it's not your waist that is too large my dear, but it's your Ego. 

By re-affirming our limitations, we solidify our excuses for an average life. As twisted as it is, social media comforts us in playing small, by showing us that the entire world is playing big, but us. 

Let me tell you, it isn't true.

If you scroll my Instagram feed, you'll catch grandiose moments of me. They are true in that moment and I consciously add substance to what I post. But it isn't all of me, not at all... 

You'll see, or you'll feel, if you meet me, that my very human self has insecurities, and a bunch of things to be airbrushed. You'll see your fantasy fades a little, but in this moment of connection, we'll feel something social media will never give us: Human truth. 

We get fooled in thinking that social media is what we need to get inspired and to get to our better life, but I don't think it is. 

What we need is right here, inside of us, and always. We don't need more followers, hashtags and quotes, we need to return to our heart's center, and Like, Love and Follow all that we are, our Intuition, our Heart, more than anything else this jungle has to offer, or to sell.

And when we do, all will be well.