Elon, come back to Earth.

Dear Elon,

One of my dream jobs was the following: VP of Experience Design for Onboarding on Mars.

That job doesn't exist. I had created it hoping you'd sign off on it one day.

I'd be in charge of designing the arrival station and experience for Earthlings onto Mars, and to solve the following design challenges:

-What will it smell like? How do we leverage olfactory memory?
-What music will we play? A new style, or familiar songs to smooth the transition? 
-Which "Earth" elements will be displayed, and what will "Mars's design" feel like? 
-What can we learn from Earth, and how will we optimize Mars' infrastructure? 
-What vital signs will we track and how will it help us improve the transition so that it is pleasant? 
-How will we deal with shock reactions, despair, and grief?

Coincidently, I was one of your fervent admirers, and yes you could say I had a crush on you.

But that changed. Why?

Because Mars is a pile of cold hard rocks. No bio-luminescent bays, no fertile jungles, no sensual sunsets, no rainbows looking like magic, no laughing dolphins, no butterflies inspiring us beautiful transformations and this ever orgasmic quality that this Earth has to keep growing and giving.

None of that.

Mars is not a plan B, it's a plan Z. Nothing compares to the beauty of Planet Earth, and to the realms we can access through our very own vessel.

We're looking at Earth with a very limited lense. There's so much more. Mars is exciting like a sci-fi movie, like a rebound relationship, like a new pair of shoes, like a quick fix that numbs the pain and that allows us to perpetuate mistakes and avoid the real work.

Our planet is sick because we are. What do you think your body is made from? Another planet won't fix that.

Our biggest problem is not to escape this planet, but it is to save it. We don't need more cars and rockets! Every effort should be invested to restore our connection to our Mother and to give back what we've taken.

If we avoid it, we avoid ourselves.

So, my dear Elon, invest in restoration, spiritual re-connection, and mental health.

True cosmic adventures don't need spaceships.

And it is *through* and not *away from* that we find liberation.

Finally, I just don't like long-distance relationships.

With infinite hope, 
Aude xo


Elon Musk is the ultimate entrepreneur through his total devotion to an incredibly ambitious vision. He IS his vision.

He has the power to solve any problem. A reason more for him to be invested where it matters most. Probably not in flamethrowers, just saying. But whatever, boys can have fun too.

He is our business Batman. Now, if Batman had decided to save aliens instead of Gotham, that wouldn’t be optimal, wouldn’t it?

Think about this: if we found one, just one tiny beach with one dandelion and one average looking palm tree on Mars we would freak the f*ck out. Seriously. It would be all over the news!

Well, guess how many we have to protect here? Omg! We have billions of it!

The interplanetary species point is funny too considering how many countries most haven’t seen, cultures we haven’t experienced, and wars we haven’t solved.

If we receive one word from aliens, like “hello, cheese” it would mark history forever. We’d cry of joy as we mute our brothers and sisters. It would be “cool”, but hey, how about we solve racism first?!

The dreams we project on Mars are “noble”, yet they also reveal escapism and a level of irrationality that is attached to a script.

Note that my dream was to live on Mars so I’ve thought about this hard.

Who cares about going on the Moon if you haven’t even seen your own planet?

Go do magic mushrooms in Joshua Tree park and let me know how that went. Yup, you’ll fall in Love all over again, with fresh new eyes and a whole new lense abs level of gratitude.

Let’s complete Level Earth-like true winners until we deem ourselves worthy of conquering other planets.

There’s a reason we incarnated here.