The Game


"Games" can have a bad connotation, like, "this guy is playing games", meaning we're being manipulated by impure intentions, or "video games" that can be shallow forms of entertainment and tools of escapism. These are different games.

But games can also be blissful, exciting adventures along which we grow and ascend to higher realms... 

In this game called Life, most of us are in the 3rd dimension, and others are transitioning to the 4th and the 5th now. 

In the 3rd one, it seems that some of the major components revolve around Money, Body and Media. The focus of the game changes as we ascend...

There are laws, levels (or dimensions), magic ways to boost our energies, allies and evil forces along our journey. Do we start all over again if we die, or do we get to play a different game, is not fully clear to me yet. Death isn't the end, but the re-incarnation question is still blurry. 

The coolest thing about this game is how many easter eggs there are for us to ascend to higher dimensions (or upgrade, unlock new levels). They include:

  • Plant medicine
  • Breath activation
  • Molecules like DMT
  • ...and our precious pineal gland! 

Then, we have "cheat codes" written in old scriptures. If well studied and assimilated, all the answers are there for us to find liberation within our Human life. 

Now, the way to free ourselves from money, or to "complete the Money mission", for example, is not to reject money, to hate money, to play small, to be broke, to unconsciously abide by the religious imperatives and the subtle dark forces that are trying to disempower us, to suck it out of us. 

The way to free ourselves from money is to make a lot of money in ethical, positive, value-creating ways so that we can support ourselves, the ones we love, and invest in socially responsible ventures. Making money means to serve in ways that are valued. 

Imagine what this world would be like if all light-workers mastered social media virality, the energetics of money, and fully honored their body temple to radiate glowing health and divine beauty! The resulting power would allow us to fully bring our gifts and infuse the darkness with an irresistible loving light. Plus, there's nothing bad in these concepts. Thinking they're bad/evil prevents us from doing good! 

Can you see it?

If we, good-hearted people who care about the evolution of humanity, want to free ourselves, we must embrace and play the game so well that we can write new rules that serve us, ones that don't enslave us. 

And that is why I'm ready to join a mission-driven corporation again, with all the tools and lessons I've gotten over the past 3 years, coupled with my business acumen.

I've seen both sides: the light and the dark, and I'm ready to integrate both, in alignment with my Truth, my heart, and enter an era of abundance, of service, of positive influence so that ultimately I can actively participate to the freeing of the matrix. 

Our high-level principles and spiritual aspirations must be embodied and translate into concrete action that touch people where they're at. No, most people are not secluded in hippie communes, protesting in the streets or in ashrams. These are not the people who we need to talk to now in this consciousness crisis...

What matters and where mastery must be attained is to play the game with an intention that is aligned with our heart, and to play it consciously, meaning that we can observe ourselves and remain objective, and not be "addicted" to the dynamics of the game. 

I've met so many beautiful souls who suffer from the matrix because they reject all of it: they barely shower, they hate the system, they want out, etc. In doing so, the system wins over them. If you hate money, that's the very reason you should have enough to never think about it. 

It's either we play it so well we win, or we go all out of it, in an off-the-grid commune in the mountains with gardens, fresh spring water, etc.

But the in between is where the suffering happens.

That's why I studied Business, that's why I enjoyed myself in Vegas in champagne sprayed booths, that's why I was naked in hot springs at Harbin wondering about the infinite with healers and shamans, that's why I went to all corners of the multi-dimensional human experience: to grow, to appreciate it, and create from a place of comprehension and compassion. 

Ready to play? Our first mission, should we choose to accept it:

To accept all sides of us.