The Multidimensionality of Time

San Simeon, California, August 14th, 2016

It’s 8am. Maybe I slept 3 hours, 4 if I’m lucky. I'm traveling with a few mg of 2c-b inside of me.

My screen looks like a rectangle of vibrant light tickling my eyes, and it’s a bit weird to type, like things move a bit more slowly than the perspective my senses got used to in the previous 6 hours. 

I say 6 hours, but my friends and I all agree that it feels like weeks of wisdom were felt and downloaded within.

This trip wasn’t all sensations, laughter and visions, like others have been. This time, I saw and felt a truth, another dimension. I cracked open a reality, which I didn’t even know was there for us to enter, feel and explore.

The multidimensionality of time.

Suddenly, something felt different, I sensed a shift. I felt more sober than ever, a state of extreme awareness. All my senses sharpened, knives piercing through the calcified perceptions.

I didn’t know what it was. Was it the drugs playing a trick on me? I stopped moving, aside from my head and eyes scanning the room and widening to the over-empowering sensation.

The music melted and slowed like a fainting turntable, the atmospheric pressure dropped and released its grip, all was stretched to make room for another perspective that would be sure to fascinate and scare me both.

I was holding a sweet date in my right hand. I was about to put it in my mouth when this realization happened. As my consciousness deepened in this alternate realm, it was like all floated, and I lowered my body, and looked at the date like it was a foreign object, there to decorate a reality I was momentarily stepping out of.

“What’s going on… Can you hear this?” referring to the music slowing down, mutating to alien-like sounds, along with the world and all that was around.

“Yes, I can. So, what are you feeling?” trying to comfort me with a smile. 

Then, he looked like a much older man, someone from far away, with his hands comfortably locked behind his back, smiling widely like a wise master who was amused to see what he knew was coming, and he walked around me, thrilled to see me realizing “this”.

“Welcome. We were waiting for you,” he offered, confusing me even more.

“What do you mean?! Who is “we”?

“All who have experience this truth. Now, how do you take this back into reality? What would you tell your sober self about what you are experiencing right now?”

He points a camera in front of me. I’m in awe, like a child who meets the world for the first time. I have no words, but a billion. I’m scanning, I’m soaking it in, I’m looking around. The date is floating in my right hand.

“I don’t know.”

Stepping into the backend of reality, as we think we know it, the universe’s motherboard orchestrating a smooth show, thinking we know it all.

Years of data, contracted into hours. I could see the potential, the time accelerating on my skin, the decay, entropy and growth dancing on my skin. What was once a still picture or a linear movie was now a file with which I could press rewind, or fast-forward.

The interstices in between, there is a grid, I could see its shape, its structure, like servers rooms for human reality, pathways of neurological data in which we can intervene to create a revolution for good, as he said:

“A lot of people talk about a revolution. But no one fucking does it.”

“We will", I replied.

“Damn right we will.”

An energy field rose, we all felt it.

I now think that most modern technology we commonly know is unconsciously inspired by deeper realms of reality that are existent, yet unknown to most, but surely felt.

The internet, for example, and how it relates to human knowledge: consider each human mind as a node, a website, an entity, holding and creating data, connected through channels, communities and the collective unconscious, with data traveling through explicit communication, intuition, telepathic signals, which would be the equivalence of internet’s connectivity, or signals, that allows data to travel to one point to another, as we carry information in between multiple minds as well.

Then servers rooms with web masters would be the equivalence to higher planes of consciousness holding data and diffusing it as we increase our receptivity, with a web master (or many), being God and/or these higher forces that design reality as we commonly know it, with divine appointments to test our capacity to expand and elevate beyond the obvious, increasing our processing speed and the sophistication of our inner technologies.

I have yet to fully understand this plane of reality (the collective subconscious or higher realms of reality) in a way that I can clearly articulate it but I now hold the belief that the real source of power and impact won’t be held through the overused and abused obvious front door of reality, and first level of consciousness, i.e. your ears and eyes in their first level of connectivity to your brain.

I laid down in bed and continued to assess the sensations, realizations, trying to organize the thoughts in a way they could be leveraged in the physical word. I knew already that it would be hard to explain, and that I might sound crazy, "a girl on drugs who saw weird things" maybe.

I’m taking this risk because we know that an ascension in human consciousness is well taking place now, and soon we will access other dimensions, including the multi-dimensionality of time, allowing us to do the impossible, yes, time traveling, although the expression has been overused and is too fantasized to sound viable or serious but hey, we’ll figure it out. 

All in time.