truth, connection, liberation.


I’m a compassionate, courageous, and creative woman who’s here to help people find their truth and liberate themselves. 

I was born in Montreal, Canada, I’m a Taurus, a lefty, and I’m passionate about uncovering and amplifying humanity’s true powers. 

I’ve lived in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, Boulder, and I'm now back in my hometown: Montreal. 

I studied Business and started 3 companies: 1) Goodify, a software to help companies manage their good doings, 2) Pink Kiwi, interactive storytelling apps that allow women to chat with virtual lovers, and 3) Olivia Bond, empowering lingerie with feminist artwork and positive affirmations. 

Since then, I’ve continued to consult in tech and I’ll always be passionate about innovation, design and our ability to invent a better future. 

In my “previous life”, or early 20’s, I was all “in my masculine”, all in my “doing” energy. I barely ever cried or took the time to breathe. 

A few years ago, I left Boston and the corporate world to embark on a mind-blowing and heart-opening self-growth journey. What you're reading now is the result of years of books, retreats, journeys, mentors, experiences, successes and lessons in my quest to find liberation. 

I made it my mission to crack the code of the human experience, to try everything, to feel it all, to dive into the dark and transform my fears into sources of self-love and self-awareness. 

I transformed my fear of speaking in public by becoming the President of the debate team, by doing pitch competitions and Facebook Lives. I transformed my fear of losing control by exploring the world of meditation and plant medicine, therefore experiencing ego death and complete dissolution of my physical body. Or my fear of being seen naked by visiting naturist resorts, hot springs and doing nude photoshoots. And more… 

On the way, I got trained and learned a lot about some of the most powerful healing modalities, including Inner Dance at the Inner Guidance Institute, and NLP. I’m developing my channeling and energetic healing abilities and I’m deepening my understanding of psychology and of the world’s most uplifting spiritual practices. 

 What was your truth before it was twisted? What would your 7 years old self tell you now?

What was your truth before it was twisted? What would your 7 years old self tell you now?

It's my honor to share my learnings with the world, and with the courageous hearts who are ready to jumpstart their self-growth journey. I have been told what I knew deep in my core: that I was on this planet to help people liberate themselves.

May I have the opportunity to support you on your path.

Lots of love and blessings,


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