truth, connection, liberation.

I was born in Montreal, Canada on May 2nd 1987 (that’s how a bio should start, right?). I’m a Taurus, a lefty, a passionate dancer, a psychonaut, and an undercover nerd. I’m caring, courageous, and wildly creative.

I’ve lived in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, Boulder, Tulum, Lisbon, and I'm now back in my hometown: Montreal. 

I studied Business and started 3 companies: 1) Goodify, a software to help companies manage their good doings, 2) Pink Kiwi, chatbot apps and 3) Olivia Bond, empowering lingerie with positive affirmations. 

Since then, I’ve continued to consult in tech and I’ve remained passionate about innovation, design and our ability to invent a better future. 

Back in those days, in my early 20’s, I was all “in my masculine”, all in my “doing” energy. I barely ever cried or took the time to breathe. (Let’s take a pause to breathe innnn, breathe out. Feels good, right?).

What was your truth before it was twisted? What would your 7 years old self tell you now?

What was your truth before it was twisted? What would your 7 years old self tell you now?

At 27, I left the corporate world to embark on a mind-blowing and heart-opening self-growth journey. I made peace with my feminine essence, my “being”. It gave me the tools I need to change the world and remain sane while doing it, or this thing called balance.

With this upgraded and integrated mindset, I started a new company in March 2018, one which integrates all pieces of me, one that is incredibly supported and that is born out of an infinite well of inspiration: Gender Bridge. With powerful policies, training, and a Certification program, we help companies bridge the gender gap, for good. We will make history with this venture, I can feel it to my core.

And what you're reading now is the result of countless reflections, flow sessions, books, retreats, journeys, mentors, experiences, looonng discussions, successes and lessons on my quest to find liberation. 

It's my honor to share my learnings with you, kindred spirit. I have been told that I was on this planet to help people liberate themselves.

Let’s do it,


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My Recommendations for Ubud, in Bali: I'm happy to have created this useful guide for you to make the most out of Ubud. It's a truly magical place and it has changed my life in so many ways. 

I made it my mission to crack the human code, to try everything, to feel it all, to dive into the dark, to fly in the light, and to transform my fears into Love.