Let The World Taste You

Why feel like fries,

... when you really are oven-baked sweet potato juliennes w black truffle oil, Himalayan pink salt, and black garlic aioli?

Why act like a cake,

.... when you really are a paleo everyday birthday cake sweetened with handpicked dates freshly shipped by some prince in Dubai and crowned with a cloud of fresh coconut whipped cream?

Why freeze like ice cream,

... when you really are midnight chocolate vegan gelato spiked with cayenne and cardamom served in a freshly cracked coconut with a splash of well aged dark rum?


Let the world taste your best self! Let life be a feast...

Which Pair of Glasses Will Your Wear?

You got two pair of glasses in front of you:

A. One which makes you feel as if everything is perfect as it is and that you are responsible and powerful regarding that creation, trusting of a higher design you may not fully grasp yet and that's part of the fun,


B. One which makes you think most things are wrong, that you're the victim of uncontrollable circumstances, and that maybe one day it'll get better if this and that is finally given to you but chances are it won't.

Choose your glasses, your lens, your perspective,

and what your experience totally changes.

It's kinda that simple.

You're the creator - scary, or exciting?

Don't Cock-Block God

Denying the Goddess is denying God his female balance, it's like cock-blocking God and stealing humanity from its Source of Creation, its vitality, and half of its spirit body.

If you did that to a man, he'd got crazy, he'd implode, he'd be violent, and he'd die unhappy.

Well, guess what's happening to humanity...

Denying the feminine is spiritual mutilation and it is at the source of so much of our pain.

Our inability to feel, be, and our violations of Mother Earth. It really all is connected.

How did we all get here? Remember?

We can all heal that by connecting to our inner feminine, by breathing, caring for ourselves and others, by feeling the depth of every little wave rocking our softest hearts.

Let that sink in.

It's happening.