How Would An Alien See This? How to Feel Awe & Magic Again

When I was about 10, I was rollerblading on a sunny country road and I saw some bright, white lights floating nearby. They stayed there, moved, got closer, and went away.

I never talked about it to anyone actually.

I can't say I "believe" in aliens, but it's more fun to think we're not alone in this infinity.

Since then, I like to play this mental game: to seek for total objectivity from my current reality, just like an alien would on his first day here.

Ultimately, it's impossible to attain, but this keeps my mind flexible and more resilient towards dogma and empty judgment.

A few years later, I had started writing a book called "Love Like An Alien". It was the story of a journalist studying concepts with a mind free of all judgment, stigmas, taboos, cultural conditioning... (Yes, along the way, she falls in love for a being who want sent to assist her and he comes from another dimension but I digress... ;))

If all I had was my heart to feel into something's truth, and nothing else,

what would I feel?

What would an alien (assuming he's a sentient being sharing what we accept as universal values) think of how we treat each other, of sex, of politics...?

The extension of this game is a form of a psychedelic layer that recognizes that our current reality is truly trippy, but we just got used to it.

Go back to the mystery, the awe, the magic, recover your virgin eyes and let all your senses make love to this world like it is the very first time.

The mundane is magical.

Can you see your longterm partner like it's the first time you've ever seen her?

An alien would know, he would see her glorious beauty...

So sometimes, I ask myself, what would a new friend from outer space think of that?

Can you look at your hand like it's the first hand you've ever seen, marvel at the magic of the fingers wired from your brain that are typing this while printing pixels shipped through satellites and firing up billions of neurons?

How trippy is that! My God... And dreaming. ?! Anyways. Back to work...

Enjoy the magic <3

The Best Things Really Are Free

Think about the fact that:

  • Slow playful kisses that make you tingle
  • Sunrises after having danced all night long
  • Walking barefoot on the soft grass
  • Swimming naked under the moonlight
  • Sharing mind-blowing stories that gives you chills all over
  • Laughter that makes you cry of joy
  • Meditating until you dissolve in a field of light
  • Breathing deeply as you activate your body
  • (What else? ☺️)

... are all FREE, then is LIFE *really* expensive?

We’re made to forget that so we fuel this capitalistic system! They break us so we buy stuff.

Remember that you can have all of this if you open yourself to receiving this love and bliss.

I had forgotten: 3.5 years ago I gave up my luxurious lifestyle for one of adventure and it really reconnected me to actual wealth.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always easy and dear god it gave me good stories. 🙃

I love making money, and I’ll make much more in this lifetime. But this explorative phase realigned my priorities and appreciation of what money actually unlocks. I had almost forgotten that fun can be free! 😍

I used to buy a lot of stuff, and I had a fraction of the energy I have now. It made me heavier, I stopped creating and I was quite sad. 😔

Now, I want to buy *expansive* things... Real good things. 👌🏼

I know millionaires, and hippie frugal people. It’s shocking to see how having a rich mindset and heart aren’t necessarily linked to a bank account.

Whatever feeling we’re looking for when buying something, let’s remember that it’s accessible right now, for free.

Trust me, I’ve travelled the world and my best trips didn’t all require a plane ticket. (So much to say here haha).

Let’s invest that cash for us to amplify our impact, expand our freedom and perspectives. It’s a big bonus to our appreciation of life’s inherent gifts.

We’re already so rich! What will you feel with all of it?! 🤩💫💰💎🎉

Aude 💛

Who Am I: Aude, or Olivia? How to Embrace our Duality

Recently, I had a little existential crisis. I sent a long email to my closest friends asking them their honest feedback. I was back in Canada and was desiring of a clear direction to fully execute on my life's purpose. 

What I offered them was the following 2 paths::

"1) Aude: B2C, building an online audience, needs scale, high reach, small %, I would need to go all in on the sex/love coach aspect and share all of my life"

2) Olivia: B2B, consulting, workshops, building a credible and professional image, which resonates with me and has been beneficial to me in the past, financial-wise." 

Am I Aude (how my close friends and family call me in Canada), the wild, sexual, free-spirit, nomadic heart who loves to create courageous content, or am I Olivia (my business, American name), the sharp, brilliant business woman who is focused, grounded, highly ambitious and in love with innovation and philosophy?

Am I a barefoot growing tantrika who loves plants and yoga, or a badass serial entrepreneur and rule re-writer?  

The conflict seemed clear: if I want to build a solid business network again and appear credible, I can't have naked pictures of me on the Internet. So I started deleting them, even though I knew they were part of my mission to help people liberate themselves... 

Am I Aude, or Olivia? It felt like I couldn't be both, for my professional life at least. I felt I had to go all in as "an internet rising personality", or a focused and credible business woman, in order to gain enough traction to have a strong financial foundation. 

My friends' replies really touched me. 

Here's the result of the reflection, which I hope can help you reflect on your own duality and how to live with balance, a life that serves your purpose while keeping your heart alive:

"Thank you for your messages this weekend, and I'll be happy to hear from you later or if you wish to discuss similar questions for your own life. 

It became clear, and it sounds obvious now, that we all have multiple dimensions, that Aude can't be happy with Olivia (I'm not schizo haha ;)).

That it wouldn't serve me to be an affluent, stiff and conservative businesswoman, or to be an insecure, nomadic, poor / stuck hippie. (I'm dramatizing to make a point.) Falling into one extreme is never sustainable. 

If you get financial freedom but your spirit is in prison, what's the point?

If your spirit is free but you can't manifest it in the physical world, what's the point of this human incarnation? 

Thank you for for helping me clarify this balance that aligns with my life's goal:

To keep expressing myself freely in close circles without trying to make my revenue out of it now, to let it be inspired and personal, shared with those who know the nuances,

while honoring and embracing my professional potential in the business world I connect with, for all the good it can bring into this world. 

So I'll make sales, and draw. I'll have a call, then I'll dance. I'll speak on a panel, and then I'll do magic mushrooms with my friends. 

Again, It seems simple now but I tend to enjoy extremes, and I go in "modes". With awareness, it'll be good! :) 

That was the initial takeaway of Tantra, the integration of the heaven and hell, it's one whole. Heels aren't as fun if you're never barefoot. 

As I'm working on big business projects, I see how I will soon focus on more personal content that is aligned with my heart. For now, I'm building a foundation to support more creative and courageous endeavors later on. Most importantly, I'm working with two teams who embrace and salute the sparkles of my spirit! 

So, who are you? Are you a brilliant mind, or a fiery heart? You're both! So how can you align focus and freedom?

If you're going through a similar reflection, feel free to connect with me, and let's embrace our duality! We are One, we will marry all of our parts and find peace on our path!