Intro To Trantra

1. The first part is to open ourselves to life, to pleasure, to possibilities. If we're closed off emotionally and energetically, we can't experience bigger orgasms. 

2. Making peace and loving our genitals with bringing our loving awareness to these parts of us that have been repressed. Our yoni and lingam needs love and attention with daily self-pleasuring and honoring massages.

3. The goal changes from a short-lived grasping orgasm to an orgasmic state that is amplified and spread throughout our body to heal and manifest our biggest dreams to life. Ultimately, the orgasm brings us back to our divine self. 

4. Ejaculation Mastery: Know your scale of pleasure, 1-10, stop and move around 8, move the energy with physical movement, breathe (4 counts in, 4 counts out), visualize the energy moving upward through your body. Don't spill your life force mindlessly. Experience orgasms without having to ejaculate. This will supercharge your body and save you from sluggish states and long refractory periods. 

5. The female partner also has a big role in the equation as the Feminine wants to "drink in" the male's semen - Life wants to live! So it's important to embark on this journey with a conscious intention to build pleasure, and to not take it personally if the man doesn't ejaculates. It's a powerful practice! She must control her pull as well.

6. As you make love, keep eye contact and breathing in sync as much as possible. Create this circular loving flow that connects all your chakras and opens you up to the divine. Visualize divine entities, or simply connect to the God and Goddess within your partner. By addressing and seeing your partner as a divine being, then so it will be. Perspective is everything. Pleasure is medicine. Pleasure is power, and a portal to higher realms. 

7. It's a life practice, there's no "success metric”, goal, or number of orgasms to reach. You play with it with an open, innocent, playful, loving mind. This is about feeling GOOD to feel GOD. 

Keys To Intimacy

1. For the energy to flow, your Root chakra must be open. This chakra is linked to Safety. Therefore, establishing a safe container is key to any deep intimate practice. That's the starting point and the root cause to so many sexual issues. 

2. Create an energetic bubble and share your Fears, Desires, and Boundaries with your partner.

3. A Safer Sex discussion is always needed: a) When were you last tested and what were the results? b) Did you have any risky sex since then? Were your partners clean and tested? c) What do you use for contraception? 

4. Hold hands and connect through breathing. This will amplify feelings of safety and connection with your partner. Eye-gazing is truly mystical. 

5. Circular breathing: Come close and engage in this Tantric breathing in which one embodies the Masculine, and the other, the Feminine. The Feminine inhales through the mouth, and exhales through the nose. The Masculine then inhales from the nose from his partner's nose's exhales, and exhales through the mouth, which she inhales from her mouth, creating a perfectly circular breathe to unite both polarities. 

My Morning Ritual - 25 Steps To Play With For Energy & Joy

Here’s my Morning Goddess ritual. May it inspire your own:

  1. Taking a long moment to feel my body, breathing deeply into the depth of my belly, welcoming my soul back into my physical self after these fantastic astral travels, putting my left hand on my heart, right hand on my womb, connecting my intuition to my creative powers (5 min). 

  2. Gently getting up, palm activation, full naked body rub to love myself, from toes to crown, feeling gratitude for my sexy fit body that carries my soul through the world, holding myself with love, as I am my one forever lover (1 min).

  3. Dry brushing, always from the extremities towards the heart. It helps detoxify, moving lymph, learn more here (30 sec)

  4. Tongue scraping and  brushing my teeth (3 min). 

  5. Lemon water with apple cider vinegar and cayenne to clean and alkalinize the body, and/or chaga (powerful antioxidant) + schizandra berry tea (excellent to stay young looking), water with magnesium powder. I also take supplements as needed, mostly omega-3’s and probiotics. 

  6. I apply a clay mask as I get ready for the day, or I smudge fruits on my face which is truly magical for complexion (1 min). 

  7. Self-affirmations in the mirror and looking straight into my soul: I love you, I am love, I am light, I am safe and complete. 

  8. Slow sexy dance, feeling myself, massaging my breasts to keep them firm and healthy. 

  9. Light up incense, sage, or palo santo to clear any bad energy and create a sacred space. (2 min)

  10. Sun salutations: call in divine light to fill your body. Sun-gazing at sunrise and sunset for 13 seconds is really powerful whenever it is accessible to me. (3 min)

  11. Kundalini breathing: Left nostril inhale, block the right, then exhale from the right. 3X. Then opposite. (3 min)

  12. Movement, shaking, lymphatic action to help detox process with breathe, sound, and movement from the belly to release trapped emotions. Remember: Breathe + Sound + Movement is the secret formula to release emotions. Let your body guide you into this healing trance. (1-5 min)

  13. Pranayama: breath from your sacral chakra, your sexual organs, they're super high power center. Breathe in all the way up to your crown chakra, can visualize serpentine energy moving up along the spine. Then release in 3 controlled exhales. 3X. (3 min)

  14. Wim-Hoff: inhale and exhale rapidly to your maximal capacity, at least 20 times, ideally 40, then exhale. Hold breath, don't breathe. (2 min)

  15. Yoga, stretching, any fitness practice that makes you happy -- it has to be fun. You can even dance! (30 min)

  16. Writing 5 things I'm grateful for (2 min)

  17. Setting an intention, a vision for the day (15 sec)

  18. Green smoothie with raw vegan protein, spinach, MCT oil, almond milk, and other superfoods. Or a cold-press green juice. 

  19. Fresh fruits whenever I’m hungry. 

  20. Daily brunch at around noon when cortisol levels are lower, and digestive enzymes are ready to receive food. Intermittent fasting is powerful. (30 min)

  21. Happy dance and singing to rise up frequency and enter bliss vortex. (2 min)

  22. Shower, hot water first as you rinse the mask, finish with really cold water for 30 sec. Great for nervous system and cardiovascular health to expose to cold water. (5 min)

  23. Barefoot walk outside to benefit from Earth's magnetism, which is super healthy for the body. I add movement and let go of energetic blockages. Earthing is key to health! (15 min)

  24. Cultivating happy thoughts, gratitude, and choosing the sunny side of life! (Forever)